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Ten of Cups in Tarot Reading – Love Career & Finance

Ten of Cups in Tarot Reading – Love Career & Finance

Ten of Cups in Tarot Reading

Love Career & Finance

Ten of cups in tarot reading: The Ten of Cups is the happiest card in the entire Tarot deck. This is a divine blessing to arrive in a spread and brings with it the message of peace, total emotional bliss, and fulfilment. There is a promise of happiness, coupled with mental and emotional peace. There is abundance of joys, and delightful feelings of accomplishment give the scene a radiant feel. Ten of Cups is the one of the most desired cards when doing any reading; it represents full contentment and no worries of any kind. There is inner peace, and the soul is radiating pure love. Vibrant energy flows in the air, total emotional warmth overtakes everything. The soul feels nourished and gains positivity to look forward towards the bright future. Visions of progression, renewed perspectives, and creative energy are all about.

The illustration of the Ten of Cups card shows an exceptionally beautiful image. There are Ten golden Cups arched up in the air, shining against the bright blue sky with a glorious rainbow visible in between the cups. In the middle is a beautiful house situated, all around is green grass. People sitting together and talking on a bench, engaged in their hobbies, sewing, decorating; children playing, flowers blossomed in the corners, small pets jumping about. The overall feel of this card is one of complete bliss and harmony with all in surrounding, Happiness is the theme… Love is in the air…


Ten of Cups in Love and Relationships

This is the best card to have in a relationship spread, whether in the environment position, immediate future or in the outcome position. It represents satisfaction, fulfilment of love and a relationship that has evolved and blossomed successfully. The relationship would have been through many phases, starting from the beautiful beginning of the Ace of Cups to the spectacular celebrations and promises of the Three of Cups, the grief of the Five of Cups; the change of direction in the Eight of Cups and then finally; the accomplishment of love in the completion stage of the Ten of Cups. The relation has been through many storms and seasons, which means that it is now strong enough and has become the foundation of the future. It is a reflection of solidarity, demonstrating that the couple went through many phases while they were emotionally connected, they loved, they parted, they suffered and healed themselves, they had choices, they came together again, And the end result is that beautiful rainbow which describes a state of complete emotional bliss that comes from being together. The Ten of Cups in a love reading signifies happy times ahead, trust, peace, serenity and calmness. There is reason to be overjoyed and feel harmonious with the environment. The love is deep and has potential to grow. Marriage is strongly indicated. It can be confirmed with the presence of other supporting cards.

Besides love relations, in another day to day connections, if there were any rivalries between two persons then the arrival of Ten of Cups indicates truce and a flow of happier energy. Hostilities are forgotten and the urge to blend in or relax in mutual harmony comes about.

If the Ten of Cups shows up in a family relationship question, then it signifies that there will be a more forthcoming bonding between family members. There is reaffirming of family unity and commitment with one another. Past hard feelings are forgotten, there is forgiveness, and once again love and mutual care prevail in the hearts. There is the possibility of a family function and a grand celebration that marks solidarity. It could also be that the whole family goes out together for an event. Overall, the one loud message is that happiness and emotional bliss will be showered by the universe. 


Ten of Cups in Career Reading and Finance

If the Ten of Cups shows up in a finance reading it would imply that the business venture would be a remarkable success, such that the person would experience emotional thrill. Any question around investment, or if checking whether that most desired success will be achieved in the upcoming interview, or if a particular business plan will take off, when responded by Tarot with the Ten Cups in outcome, or environment, gives a lot of surety to the reader that the answer is super positive. Also, if the Ten of Cups shows as outcome in a question on how would the results of an examination would be, whether or not someone would pass an examination, or if the results will be as desired, then it is one straightforward happy message for the querent from the Tarot. They most certainly get  what they wish for.


Ten of Cups in Health and Pregnancy

If the Ten of Cups arrives in the outcome position in a reading put forth for a health-related question, there is no element of doubt that the person’s emotional state with regard to this matter will be very joyful. Hence, it’s a sign of better times. Often, this card may show in the environment position, for the same question. It is important to note that in this case, it would mean that something around the question is positive, but it should not be taken as an overall outcome unless there is an equally happy energy shown in the tenth place as well. Presence of the Temperance card or the Sun along with the Ten of Cups would give a significant relief.

Either way, it is absolutely essential to see your doctor for whatever health concerns you may have, regardless of what your tarot reading says.

In a situation where someone asks the question whether or not they would conceive, or will it be a safe delivery, if the Tarot responds with Ten of Cups in the outcome position , then obviously the answer is positive. Sometimes, the Ten of Cups may show up in the immediate future position or the environment position for such a question, the meaning still remains the same; however, it is necessary to look at the message given by the card in outcome position, before confirming that it would be the desired outcome. Presence of The Empress, The Ace of Wands or the Six of Cups would be an icing on the cake.…!


Ten of Cups in General Reading

Here it simply gives the message that all is going to be well and that there is no reason to worry whatever be the matter. Ten of Cups is a very strong happy energy, it brings home the one simple message that there will be abundant happiness; hence its presence is very welcome in the outcome positions of any reading.

Spiritual message related to this card is that peace and contentment are on the way, it is important to be grateful to the universe for the happy times granted and make the best of it. Also, it is important to remember not to get carried away or become proud while experiencing great times, because nothing is permanent in this world. Remaining humble and grounded in thoughts is divine. Beautiful memories can be made and treasured for life during the phase of Ten of Cups. It is a blessing from the Universe, this should always be remembered. 

Ten of Cups Yes Or No

This energy has so much positive power contained within it; that its arrival can mean a significant turnaround even in the most complex scenarios of life. The card is the top most desired outcome card in the deck, just like the Nine of Cups and the Sun. The answer in case of a Yes/No situation is Yes, actually a very big Yes!!

Leo Traits, Love, Career, Strengths, Weaknesses

Leo Traits, Love, Career, Strengths, Weaknesses

Leo Traits, Love, Career, Strengths, Weaknesses

Leo Traits, Love, Career, Strengths, Weaknesses: Leo is the fifth sign among other twelve zodiac signs in Astrology. People born over the Sun’s existence in Leo Constellation have Leo as their Sun sign. This era is known as to be from 23rd of July to 22nd of August, every year.

Leo is a Latin word which means ‘The Lion’. Just like the Lion in the jungle, Leo people are hard to miss. They are ambitious and charismatic.

Leo Personality Traits

They are so lively, warm-hearted and gregarious that it’s impossible not get attracted to the vibrant personalities of the Leo men and women. And their commanding existence makes heads turn wherever they go. Masculine, confident and attractive, the Leo men are tough guys. But simultaneously, they are generous and kind men, who go to any length to be able to help people. Besides, they’re usually happy and upbeat, and would like to make the people around them happy.

They are so alert to their strengths that it sometimes leads them to satisfaction, making them idle or lazy in their attitude towards the objectives they could have set for themselves. A normal, if not constant, dose of admiration and appreciation works as energy booster for the Leo. However, after they are motivated and discover their calling, the diplomatic and ambitious Leo men make an effort to accomplish their dreams and reach the very best in their chosen fields. Here, their leadership quality, good attitude and readiness to work hard – play an important role, and along the way they inspire others to help them in their quest to reach their goals and well-off.

To be able to grab attention of the Leo men, shower them with praises and focus on what they state. Compliment them on the looks, career display, abilities, worldly belongings, sense of humor etc. No matter what you praise them for, so long as you are sincere. They love compliments, but fake ones won’t touch their hearts.

The Leo men can’t stand to find out what they must do and how they must do it. Hence, if you are to teach them and get stuffs done, be courteous and keep your tone easy-going. Irritating won’t work!

While dealing with a Lion, retain in mind to respect his views and he’ll be generous in your direction, in every respect. Even though you disagree and also have a different undertake things, be sure you convey it without hurting his fragile ego. Regardless of how much you like a person, there are bound to involve some variations – if this is simply not addressed with time, even petty issues can continue to be serious problems. Hence, it is recommended that you avail fully personalized Love Ask 3 Questions report and get the right guidance relating to your love life from an astrological perspective.

Talking about ego, the Leo, generally, are very egoistic people. In the true name of self-respect, they sometimes have a tendency to take things too much. Yet they are so warm hearted and affectionate that negative trait many a times looks trivial in the grand overview. If you would like to learn the fun-loving and energetic Leo men at length, please browse the Leo Description. It’ll indeed help understand the people born under the Zodiac Sign Leo better. We also recommend you to learn Leo Women, so that you can have a complete picture about how exactly the people born under the Zodiac Sign Leo are.

Strengths Of Leo In Astrology

Leo’s are born leaders. They are naturally self-assured rather than afraid to take initiative.  The strong sense of purpose combined with ability to inspire team-mates allows them to successfully achieve their desires. They hold a insight of self-respect and do slight at the price of their integrity.


The Leo is assertive and optimistic always, are charming and creative.  With great networking skills and a love of individuals, they hold center stage easily. They’re usually spotted active in large social circles. Not the sort to sit at home and brood, the Leo is normally outgoing, vivacious and bigger than life.

Weaknesses Of Leo In Astrology

The Leo is commonly gullible and vulnerable to being fooled by emotions. It is simple to win the sympathy of a Leo. This aspect may also be exploited by others.

The Leo is a lover to pleasure. That is possibly the counterbalance to its ambition. The continuous seek out pleasure may lead it astray. If it’s not careful, dependence on something unhealthy is a chance.

Leo folks have fragile egos. Also they could be quite nasty when they feel their ego is hurt. This may happen when they are criticized or if their dominant position is under a threat. At these right times, their anger may finish up hurting people near to them.

Love Relationships Of Leo In Astrology

Leos are really warm people. There are extremely enthusiastic and like to try new things. A Leo is a great friend to have too; entertaining, protective and caring. However, you might find their popularity getting back in just how of one-on-one time.

Both Leo women and men easily attract people of reverse sex. Their self-confidence, enthusiasm and sturdy physicality are appealing highly. In a relationship, there are few who are more passionate, generous and nurturing when compared to a Leo. They specially enjoy their time with Aries because of their similarly assertive and confident nature. Sagittarian folks have a liveliness and independence that is invigorating for Leo. Libra and Gemini are great complements also.

All Leo relationships are filled with action, drama and adventure. More than not often, the Leo plays the primary role and sets a pulsating rhythm to the partnership.

However, the Leo demands thoughtfulness and attention from its partners. If the Leo is disappointed or offended also, they aren’t averse to shifting quickly.

Career Of Leo In Astrology

The Leo does well generally in maximum careers. Nonetheless, acting, singing, or dancing or stand-up comedy, the Leo grips and entertains smoothly.

They also prefer to maintain powerful positions where they can exert their influence over the society. They prosper in managerial positions where there is room for growth as well as in politics. They are able to succeed as trial lawyers, movie directors, editors and reporters too.

In practically any career they choose, they are fast risers due to their drive, determination, people skills, and ability to execute any task they put their mind to.