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Month: November 2016

Knight Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Knight Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Knight Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Knight of Cups Court Card: The Knight of Cups is a court card that fits above the rank of the Page of Cups, but below the King and Queen of Cups. It often represents a young adult who is friendly, charming and romantic. It is a fast moving energy just like other Knights. It’s speciality is that it brings news of opportunities, new ideas and talents of artistic creativity. The energy is a positive one, it is consuming in nature and emotionally benefitting. There is swiftness; exciting changes associated with emotions come about rather quickly and take over the mind. Emotions of love, attraction, infatuation, flirtation are carried by the Knight of Cups. There is overwhelming passion coupled with a strong surge of attraction between two persons. This is most often short lived, for the nature of Knight of Cups is one who wears his heart on his sleeve, unless of course the message is supported by other cards depicting progression and stabilising of a relationship. Knight from the Suit of Cups is known for his flirtatious tendencies. These Knights can carry very excessive or extreme energy at times, and be unpredictable. They can exhibit immature behaviour at times, such that they can come across very well mannered and sweet at times, but behave totally obnoxious when they want to. There is restlessness in this energy, it is hard for the opposite person to maintain a consistent relation with them. They can be loved for their thoughtfulness, kindness, care and consideration, but then there is a flip side to them, which is rude and ignorant enough to leave anyone who has known them in utter disbelief. Hence, it is always advised to be on guard when enjoying the charming company of this young Knight.

Knight of Cups in Love And Relationships

The card energy could represent a potential offer of a romantic date, a new love, or an equation between man and woman where the man has romantic designs in his mind. When this appears for a woman, it means that there is a man on the horizon who has ability to sweep her off her feet. However, the Knight could as well be a serial dater, hence it is important to be on guard with respect to emotions. The Knight can represent an event, a person or simply the nature of the situation when it arrives in a reading. It is essential careful analyse surrounding cards and position of the Knight to confirm relevance.

Knight of Cups in Career And Finance

Appearance of this Card in a reading laid to analyse career will mean that there is presence or arrival of exciting opportunities that hold significant potential for growth, and these will be majorly interesting to the querent. It advises that the person should be open to applying their new ideas and initiatives with assurance that these will yield good results. A hobby that has been a strong passion, has potential to develop into an earning potential. It is however essential to go slow, as we know that there is a certain degree of restlessness that can be expected when we are dealing with the Knight’s energy. Arrival of this Knight in a reading tells us that for dreams to become reality, action is needed, and good supportive platforms are available to implement plans. With regards to finance, there are strong chances of striking good luck in investments. 

Knight of Cups in Health and Pregnancy

Knight of Cups advises us that health is on the upswing for the querent. Results of any investigation that have been awaited will be in favour and give sense of relief .There will be reason to feel reassured that all is well. When checking for prospects of pregnancy, appearance of the Knight of Cups is a good sign.

Knight of Cups in Spirituality

There will be deeper spiritual alignment and awakening. It is time to explore your spiritual realms, and meditate. The spiritual world can provide hints in many ways which are actually messages. For example: You may see a feather where you don’t expect one, you may suddenly come across a spiritualist who has something to tell you, or you may feel blessed within yourself just simply. If you like to study the occult subjects, then you may come across some very interesting topic that you may feel deeply passionate about and want to pursue research on.

Knight of Cups in Yes Or No

This is a highly positive card energy. For tarot spreads laid to establish Yes/ No answers, the Knight of Cups is says strongly ‘YES’, confirming all positive and happy outcomes.