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Month: December 2016

The Fool In Tarot Card – Love, Career, Finance

The Fool In Tarot Card – Love, Career, Finance

The Fool In Tarot Card – Love, Career, Finance

The Fool –Major Arcana/ Trump CardThe Fool is the only Major Arcana that bears the number 0. This card energy resembles a box of tricks, which unless opened, is simply like any other box. In order to have any impact of this card energy, one has to be willing to take up the chance opportunity that springs up suddenly. It is the most powerful card, because the possibilities of the Fool’s adventures can start from zero, i.e. ànothing and go up to àinfinity. The possibilities are endless and it is not confirmed at this stage if they will all be surely advantageous. The illustration of Fool shows him standing with one foot barely touching the ground while the other is in midstride. This is clearly not a safe balanced position, yet he has his hands full of some interesting tricks. His wears a decorated appearance with a peculiar head gear. Half covered moon can be seen in the dark background, giving the image a cloudy feel. His attire is fancy and bright coloured, as though he is ready to perform at an event.

There is a lot that is conveyed from above illustration. The Fool’s standing position although looks unsafe on first glance, but we note that he is confident enough to indulge in tricks with his hands even in that position, and looks more focussed on that. This means that, although the journey of the fool feels unsafe at first being an unknown one, it is not necessarily one that he would be lacking confidence in or one that he cannot manage. It will require focus and careful attention, to ensure risks are managed. The fancy clothes and accessories tell us that it is not going to be a dull journey; there will be excitement and high spirits. The lack of clarity brought about by the half visible moon, tells us that the path is not a yet defined, it is one that can happen with the power of persons free will. If one chooses to accept the opportunity that presents itself out of the blue, then they would have an exciting journey, which is unpredictable, full of interesting experiences and one that keeps them well involved. The goal is unclear and undefined, hence one should be discerning. The outcome of this depends on the will and actions of the person choosing to accept the opportunity. It is a positive card, because it is a chance to make something new. It is a window opportunity to create a new reality; this chance is given some times by nature. However nothing about the outcome is promised, it can turn out to be an exciting journey but without final happiness, or it can be an exciting journey that leads to full achievement of desires. All depends on how the person reacts, deals, manages, handles, responds to the events that occur once the opportunity is taken up. Hence, it is said that, when the Fool shows up in a reading, one should be very thoughtful and prepare well before they decide to take the plunge. There is a need to let go of past, and be open to new changes It is wise to never underestimate to power of this Trump Card. It is chance given by the universe, just like a ‘Wild card’. It can take one anywhere in life if they chose to explore what their free will can bring them, once they leave behind fears, abandon constraints and move ahead to race in liberation..

The Fool in Love and Relationships

Arrival of the Fool in a Love and relationship spread for a single person, would mean that there is a possibility of coming across a very exciting person who appears to have the potential to be “The One”. The querent would need to realise that love and fear cannot co-exist at the same time, so in order to give the connection good chance they would have to believe in carefree adventure and spontaneity. The decision to take the plunge in that direction will entail the element of risk. However, strongly enthusiastic ideas would give the presenting opportunity a positive boost of energy, thus giving it a bigger chance of delivering a satisfactory outcome, of course in line with the nature of efforts put in.

The Fool also indicates the sudden, out of blue chance to connect with an old soul mate. A contact could arrive, and conditions for reconciliation can evolve. It is a positive card, because both persons would have undergone some personal growth, hence sustaining the soul mate connection can feel bit easier. Reconnection is not only possible for old soul mates, the Fool brings this chance for any 2 persons who have been close and had to part for whatever reasons. 

The Fool in Career and Finance

New projects, new beginnings, and new contacts are presented. The Fool arriving in the immediate future position, the environment position, the hopes position or the outcome position of a reading indicates that there will be a brilliant opportunity presenting itself that has potential to make the querent very successful. It is wise to be discerning, but once all the ins/outs have been carefully examined and a plunge strategy has been laid out, it is worth believing in the magic of the universe!

There will be decisions to be made all along, there will be downs and challenges, but serious determination to achieve the goal, can make it work in your favour. It is crucial to carefully analyse all information, any shortfall in this can lead to major loss. It a test of our ability and a test of our intelligence. Opportunities do not simply present themselves, we can grab them with both hands and it is within our capability to make it a part of our destiny.

The Fool in Spirituality

The Fool being number 0 energy, it represents “Eternity”. It marks the beginning of wisdom, self realisation, personal growth and reasoning. It represents the beginning of spiritual journey and highlights uncertainties. 0 being God Energy, The Fool brings the quest for wisdom which is known to bring one closer to God. There will be a strong urge to discover deep knowledge of spirituality.

The Fool in Health

The Fool presenting itself in a reading done to explore health, shows that there is a risk, which if attended to appropriately in time, can mean that all will be well. It is an indication that expert opinion is necessary, and will be very effective if one obtains it. There can be a period of recovery, but one thing is certain that if treatment is taken, and specialist intervention is sought in time, there is strong possibility for good health to be restored. The Fool is a positive card.

The Fool Tarot Card Yes Or No

The Fool says Yes ! It indicates positive situations.