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    The Fool In Tarot Card – Love, Career, Finance

    The Fool In Tarot Card – Love, Career, Finance

    The Fool –Major Arcana/ Trump CardThe Fool is the only Major Arcana that bears the number 0. This card energy resembles a box of tricks, which unless opened, is simply like any other box. In order to have any impact of this card energy, one has to be willing to take up the chance opportunity that springs up suddenly. It is the most powerful card, because the possibilities of the Fool’s adventures can start from zero, i.e. ànothing and go up to àinfinity. The possibilities are endless and it is not confirmed at this stage if they will all be surely advantageous. The illustration of Fool shows him standing with one foot barely touching the ground while the other is in midstride. This is clearly not a safe balanced position, yet he has his hands full of some interesting tricks. His wears a decorated appearance with a peculiar head gear. Half covered moon can be seen in the dark background, giving the image a cloudy feel. His attire is fancy and bright coloured, as though he is ready to perform at an event.

    There is a lot that is conveyed from above illustration. The Fool’s standing position although looks unsafe on first glance, but we note that he is confident enough to indulge in tricks with his hands even in that position, and looks more focussed on that. This means that, although the journey of the fool feels unsafe at first being an unknown one, it is not necessarily one that he would be lacking confidence in or one that he cannot manage. It will require focus and careful attention, to ensure risks are managed. The fancy clothes and accessories tell us that it is not going to be a dull journey; there will be excitement and high spirits. The lack of clarity brought about by the half visible moon, tells us that the path is not a yet defined, it is one that can happen with the power of persons free will. If one chooses to accept the opportunity that presents itself out of the blue, then they would have an exciting journey, which is unpredictable, full of interesting experiences and one that keeps them well involved. The goal is unclear and undefined, hence one should be discerning. The outcome of this depends on the will and actions of the person choosing to accept the opportunity. It is a positive card, because it is a chance to make something new. It is a window opportunity to create a new reality; this chance is given some times by nature. However nothing about the outcome is promised, it can turn out to be an exciting journey but without final happiness, or it can be an exciting journey that leads to full achievement of desires. All depends on how the person reacts, deals, manages, handles, responds to the events that occur once the opportunity is taken up. Hence, it is said that, when the Fool shows up in a reading, one should be very thoughtful and prepare well before they decide to take the plunge. There is a need to let go of past, and be open to new changes It is wise to never underestimate to power of this Trump Card. It is chance given by the universe, just like a ‘Wild card’. It can take one anywhere in life if they chose to explore what their free will can bring them, once they leave behind fears, abandon constraints and move ahead to race in liberation..

    The Fool in Love and Relationships

    Arrival of the Fool in a Love and relationship spread for a single person, would mean that there is a possibility of coming across a very exciting person who appears to have the potential to be “The One”. The querent would need to realise that love and fear cannot co-exist at the same time, so in order to give the connection good chance they would have to believe in carefree adventure and spontaneity. The decision to take the plunge in that direction will entail the element of risk. However, strongly enthusiastic ideas would give the presenting opportunity a positive boost of energy, thus giving it a bigger chance of delivering a satisfactory outcome, of course in line with the nature of efforts put in.

    The Fool also indicates the sudden, out of blue chance to connect with an old soul mate. A contact could arrive, and conditions for reconciliation can evolve. It is a positive card, because both persons would have undergone some personal growth, hence sustaining the soul mate connection can feel bit easier. Reconnection is not only possible for old soul mates, the Fool brings this chance for any 2 persons who have been close and had to part for whatever reasons. 

    The Fool in Career and Finance

    New projects, new beginnings, and new contacts are presented. The Fool arriving in the immediate future position, the environment position, the hopes position or the outcome position of a reading indicates that there will be a brilliant opportunity presenting itself that has potential to make the querent very successful. It is wise to be discerning, but once all the ins/outs have been carefully examined and a plunge strategy has been laid out, it is worth believing in the magic of the universe!

    There will be decisions to be made all along, there will be downs and challenges, but serious determination to achieve the goal, can make it work in your favour. It is crucial to carefully analyse all information, any shortfall in this can lead to major loss. It a test of our ability and a test of our intelligence. Opportunities do not simply present themselves, we can grab them with both hands and it is within our capability to make it a part of our destiny.

    The Fool in Spirituality

    The Fool being number 0 energy, it represents “Eternity”. It marks the beginning of wisdom, self realisation, personal growth and reasoning. It represents the beginning of spiritual journey and highlights uncertainties. 0 being God Energy, The Fool brings the quest for wisdom which is known to bring one closer to God. There will be a strong urge to discover deep knowledge of spirituality.

    The Fool in Health

    The Fool presenting itself in a reading done to explore health, shows that there is a risk, which if attended to appropriately in time, can mean that all will be well. It is an indication that expert opinion is necessary, and will be very effective if one obtains it. There can be a period of recovery, but one thing is certain that if treatment is taken, and specialist intervention is sought in time, there is strong possibility for good health to be restored. The Fool is a positive card.

    The Fool Tarot Card Yes Or No

    The Fool says Yes ! It indicates positive situations.

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    Knight Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

    Knight Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

    Knight of Cups Court Card: The Knight of Cups is a court card that fits above the rank of the Page of Cups, but below the King and Queen of Cups. It often represents a young adult who is friendly, charming and romantic. It is a fast moving energy just like other Knights. It’s speciality is that it brings news of opportunities, new ideas and talents of artistic creativity. The energy is a positive one, it is consuming in nature and emotionally benefitting. There is swiftness; exciting changes associated with emotions come about rather quickly and take over the mind. Emotions of love, attraction, infatuation, flirtation are carried by the Knight of Cups. There is overwhelming passion coupled with a strong surge of attraction between two persons. This is most often short lived, for the nature of Knight of Cups is one who wears his heart on his sleeve, unless of course the message is supported by other cards depicting progression and stabilising of a relationship. Knight from the Suit of Cups is known for his flirtatious tendencies. These Knights can carry very excessive or extreme energy at times, and be unpredictable. They can exhibit immature behaviour at times, such that they can come across very well mannered and sweet at times, but behave totally obnoxious when they want to. There is restlessness in this energy, it is hard for the opposite person to maintain a consistent relation with them. They can be loved for their thoughtfulness, kindness, care and consideration, but then there is a flip side to them, which is rude and ignorant enough to leave anyone who has known them in utter disbelief. Hence, it is always advised to be on guard when enjoying the charming company of this young Knight.

    Knight of Cups in Love And Relationships

    The card energy could represent a potential offer of a romantic date, a new love, or an equation between man and woman where the man has romantic designs in his mind. When this appears for a woman, it means that there is a man on the horizon who has ability to sweep her off her feet. However, the Knight could as well be a serial dater, hence it is important to be on guard with respect to emotions. The Knight can represent an event, a person or simply the nature of the situation when it arrives in a reading. It is essential careful analyse surrounding cards and position of the Knight to confirm relevance.

    Knight of Cups in Career And Finance

    Appearance of this Card in a reading laid to analyse career will mean that there is presence or arrival of exciting opportunities that hold significant potential for growth, and these will be majorly interesting to the querent. It advises that the person should be open to applying their new ideas and initiatives with assurance that these will yield good results. A hobby that has been a strong passion, has potential to develop into an earning potential. It is however essential to go slow, as we know that there is a certain degree of restlessness that can be expected when we are dealing with the Knight’s energy. Arrival of this Knight in a reading tells us that for dreams to become reality, action is needed, and good supportive platforms are available to implement plans. With regards to finance, there are strong chances of striking good luck in investments. 

    Knight of Cups in Health and Pregnancy

    Knight of Cups advises us that health is on the upswing for the querent. Results of any investigation that have been awaited will be in favour and give sense of relief .There will be reason to feel reassured that all is well. When checking for prospects of pregnancy, appearance of the Knight of Cups is a good sign.

    Knight of Cups in Spirituality

    There will be deeper spiritual alignment and awakening. It is time to explore your spiritual realms, and meditate. The spiritual world can provide hints in many ways which are actually messages. For example: You may see a feather where you don’t expect one, you may suddenly come across a spiritualist who has something to tell you, or you may feel blessed within yourself just simply. If you like to study the occult subjects, then you may come across some very interesting topic that you may feel deeply passionate about and want to pursue research on.

    Knight of Cups in Yes Or No

    This is a highly positive card energy. For tarot spreads laid to establish Yes/ No answers, the Knight of Cups is says strongly ‘YES’, confirming all positive and happy outcomes.

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    Cancer Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts

    Cancer Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts


    CANCER is the fourth sign of the zodiac

    Ruled by the Moon, its symbol is the crab.

    CANCER Positive and Negative Traits

    CANCER Positive Traits

    Cancerians are ruled by the moon, so their underlying nature reflects the qualities associated with that. They generally have moods that fluctuate, extremely upbeat with the waxing phase of the moon, bright and optimistic, and then around 15 days of downbeat behaviour through the waning stages of the moon.

    Cancerians are extremely sympathetic; this is due to their naturally caring nature. They are motherly and nurturing, and have a warm reassuring touch physically and mentally. They have fleshy hands that give that healing touch when someone is tired or lacks energy, they are able to give the best massage, usually because they genuinely want to make others feel better and take away their pain.

    Cancer signs are fair individuals who cannot stand for unfair treatment towards anyone. They refuse to go against their principals, and will not want to even ‘white lie’ on any application forms, as they believe in being ‘correct’ at all times.

    Cancerians are generous people, and will not leave anyone at a loose end if they need help, even if this means that they disadvantage themselves at the cost of making someone else benefit. They are extremely hospitable, and for this reason do well in hospitality based services.

    When a Cancer person is positive, they are very self assured, and able to make good informed decisions, and prove the best at giving guidance to others. They have an intuitive streak about them which makes them give good advice from their ‘gut’ feel/instinct.

    The qualities of the moon as the lord of Cancer sign enable them to get on well with people from all different circles and backgrounds. They are good at talking and making others understand things. They are magnetic and a peoples’ person.

    Cancerians are imaginative and creative and have good taste in fashion and home decoration, they are great at interior design. Their houses are nicely laid out and have a relaxing atmosphere, the stereotypically homely feel to them. 

    CANCER Negative Traits 

    A Cancer person will be known for the emotional nature and over sensitive personality. They may either get angry and lose their temper very quickly, or not get angry but instead go into a super sulking mode, bit like a crab digging himself into the sand to hide away.

    The oversensitive nature that comes with a Cancerian, can be due to them having high ideals and expectations of situations which are only suited to a fantasy world. Because of these expectations they develop a slightly nagging nature about them that can be especially annoying to others. The thing is, they don’t believe that they are nagging at all! Another factor related to this, is that their positive hospitable side actually turns into an over mummifying experience…too motherly to everyone without realising, but they mean well.

    Cancer signs have a weakness in that they can’t let go of the past. Whether it’s an argument, an incident or a bad memory, they find it extremely difficult to let go and move on. Even years later, they are able to recollect and bring it up as an example. This is not beneficial as it only harms them and creates anxiety and a sense of hurt.

    Cancerians are generous and don’t like seeing anyone in distress, so they try their best to help people. This part of their nature can often get taken advantage of, where they find that the favours are not always returned, the generosity of both time and effort is not always reciprocated when they need help.

    A weak attribute is that the Cancer person needs a lot of assurance about everything at times. Even if they know they have the full capability of doing something, they still need reassurance from another person. This can become burdensome on the ‘other’ person, and drain their energies, which can result in them not wanting to be around them in the future. This lack of confidence causes the crab to retreat back into the sand.

    Cancerians have hard lessons to learn as they grow up. When young they have a gullible nature, and may believe anything someone says. This can get them into trouble on more than one occasion. With this the Cancerian grows wiser and more independent as a result.

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    Gemini Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts

    Gemini Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts

    GEMINI is the third sign of the zodiac

    Ruled by Mercury, its symbol is the sign of the Twins. 

    Gemini Positive and Negative Traits

    Gemini Positive Traits

    Ruled by mercury, the air sign, Gemini is a social butterfly, they love to interact with people from all walks of life and get on at every level as they are able to adapt themselves to the personalities that they are with.

    Gemini’s are highly intelligent intellectuals who are often great mathematicians or scientists, they are able to think outside the box and come up with ideas/solutions to complex problems by thinking in a mental capacity which is higher than others. This is another reason why they are very quick to learn new things or grasp ideas and concepts without much trouble. The mercurial element in them is at its best helping them to be quick at everything and multi talented in technical, mechanical and lingual areas. They are great at picking up new languages. They are good at writing, comprehensive literature and poetry.

    The air element associated with this sign along with Mercury’s lordship makes Gemini’s very witty, with the ability to give a sharp finely tuned answer to questions, along with a great sense of humour. They are bubbly and their mood becomes infectious when in a group.

    Gemini’s have a very seductive side to them and even in general public they can come across as charming and flirty. This is just their nature. They have very analytical minds and can quickly and easily see both sides to an argument before they decide which way they want to proceed.

    Gemini’s are all about interaction with others, they need to be engaging with other people, and for this reason we find many Gemini’s in communication related careers.

    Gemini Negative Traits 

    Another part of Mercury’s nature is to be adaptable, and whilst this is strength it can also become a weakness. Gemini people find it very easy to change their opinions based on who they are with. This can be seen as fickle, or disloyal if they are seen to be agreeing with one person on a certain thing and then have a changed view when they suddenly speak to someone else.

    Because of this interchangeable side they have, and perhaps also a sign of a twin personality, they can be seen to be extremely moody. They may be downright upset or depressed one day and then the next they may act absolutely normal, as if nothing was wrong. The dual nature of the sign Gemini is also responsible for this trait. But this changeable mood can make them appear unstable in the worse cases, making others lose trust in them. Another disadvantage about the duality of this sign is that, they sometimes cannot make their mind up and end up choosing the wrong path/field.

    Gemini’s have a selfish streak about them, where they will look for their own advantage in situations. This shows their practical nature and survival of the fittest instinct.

    Gemini’s, ruled by Mercury are information hungry individuals, they want to know everything about everything, how something works, why someone acted the way they did, why the sky is blue what causes this etc. whilst this can be advantageous in a work related context, on a social front it can make the Gemini seen to be nosey and interfering in others business. Once they know the answers to their questions, they then like to communicate these to others – a negative of this is that they can be seen to be a Gossip.

    This is a sign which needs intellectual stimulation, and if this doesn’t happen, they can become extremely bored and agitated. Gemini’s can be restless people and it is not surprising that they are prone to nervous issues. Again not surprising as Mercury also represents nervous disposition.

    Overall Gemini is a lovely personality and has a lot to offer on all fronts !

  • Disclaimer

    The information and data contained on psychiconnections.com website is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only. Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or financial advisor. Accordingly, psychiconnections.com provides no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind, and will not be responsible for any interpretation made or use by the recipient of the information and data mentioned above.

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    Free Online Future Prediction

    Free Online Future Prediction

    Name: Surinder bamrah

    Email Id: [email protected]

    Date Of Birth: 26/05/1963

    Place Of Birth: Eldoret, kenya

    Time Of Birth: 09:01 AM

    Subject: My near future

    Question: Generally about money relationships home children


    Moon Chart

    Navamsha Chart

    Hi Surinder,

    You are born in the ascendant of Gemini, which makes you a social butterfly. You love to be part of the crowd, and are the heart and soul of any party or get together. You are intellectually very clever, and have great social skills.

    Your question was regarding a general reading about the near future.

    At the present time you are going through the Mahadasha of Ketu. this started in 2011, and since then it is likely that you will have been having some struggles and a hard time relating to areas of relationships and finances mainly. It is likely that you may have suffered internal depression or a feeling of sadness and loss on some front, for which you have tried to lose yourself in a crowd in order to feel ok.

    In transit chart, Rahu is in your 3rd house with your natal mars, this has meant that you have had some big shake ups financially since the early part of this year, as rahu is afflicting the lord of your 11th house mars which represents income and gains, it is likely you will have suffered a loss. This tricky period will continue until Rahu moves out of Leo during mid next year. Until then you need to stay alert regarding areas of finance. This planetary placement has also affected your confidence this year.

    You will be making journeys abroad for travel/holidays, but you need to be careful and guard yourself against theft as there is a possibility of this also.

    With Jupiter moving into your 4th house in transit, there are chances that you may have moved house, or are thinking of moving/getting something else this year. There will be expenditure on either a car or again, some sort of travel.

    From the start of next year, Saturn will move from your 6th house into the 7th house of business and relationships. You have also stepped into the Ketu/Saturn dasa so this will further highlight the areas of relationships and business. My advice would be that don’t get into anything that is too ambitious if you are thinking of a career move/ job change. Also if in a relationship, patience may be needed as it can be a testing time while Saturn comes into your 7th house of relationships- this could be on a professional or personal level.  If you drink, please keep this within limits. Don’t be too trusting of people; always think practically with your mind rather than your heart, as you could be taken advantage of.

    Health areas to be wary of are lower stomach area, leg pain and anxiety. For remedial measures, getting into some routine of meditation or going to the temple may be beneficial for you.

    Sub: Free Online Future Prediction

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    Taurus Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts

    Taurus Zodiac Sign Positive/ Negative Facts

    TAURUS  is the second sign of the zodiac

    Ruled by Venus, its symbol is the sign of the Bull

    Taurus Positive and Negative Traits

    Taurus Positive traits

    Taurus people are ruled by Venus, and have an attractive face and personality on first meeting. They are magnetic and charming. Taureans are ambitious people and once they have a goal in mind they work towards that with dedication and commitment to ensure it is achieved.

    Taureans are loving people, they like peace and harmony generally. They are very patient and are able to wait for the right opportunities to come their way rather than make rash decisions to start a number of things all at once.

    Being an earth sign, they are usually practical people, who do not often get carried away with airy fairy or fantasy ideas. They are down to earth and diplomatic, and look at the material and tangible benefits in taking a decision or venture. For this reason they make good business people. They are loyal to their partners and friends.

    Their persistence and determination make them succeed where others may have given up under similar circumstances. Like the Bull, they keep going until they have achieved what they set out to do. This is another reason why they make for good business partners.

    Taurus Negative traits

    Taurus people are known for their stubborn nature, just like the Bull who may sit in one place all day and refuse to move. This can be a major negative as they may end up wasting a lot of precious time sticking to a decision or opinion that they have made, when it is infact not the right one.  Also they can come across as arrogant for this reason, and refuse to admit their faults.

    Taureans are very patient, and often it takes a long time or something big, to make them angry on something, but once they are angry, then their wrath knows no bounds. Once the sleeping Bull has been awakened then it is very hard to calm them down. Anger for a taurean builds up slowly inside them, and then it comes out in a volcanic explosion, and they may be very expressive of how they feel.

    When they are challenged they are unwilling to back down, it’s almost impossible to stop them in their thought process, they just have to get their point made, and until their point has been made they will not rest- a downside of their persistent nature.

    Taurus people are very unforgiving to start with, if someone has wronged them. They may totally ignore the other person, or indeed make it very hard for the other to even approach them. This is part of the taurean arrogance that comes into play. To apologise to a taurean, a person must be fully prepared to swallow their own ego and get on their hands and knees with their nose to the floor, this is just to make the Taurus notice them. Once Taurus has been suitably convinced that the person is truly regretful and ‘sorry’, only then will they forgive and be ‘okay’ with them again.

    They certainly have a materialistic nature which isn’t always a bad thing, but it can make them selfish in their decisions, this comes back to the practical nature they have and the earthly instinct of survival. However they are ethical individuals and do not use any unfair methods or deception to get their goals.

    Although Taureans work with great conviction to achieve their passions, they can be set back a lot by their sheer laziness to get up and do something in the first place. This is something that they will learn over the years and try to control within themselves if they are to be successful and make the most of opportunities that come their way.

    Lastly, Taurus people are very proud and have a very high opinion of themselves, which can rub people up in the wrong way!

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    Page Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

    Page Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

    Page Of Cups In Tarot  In Tarot Reading: Pages in the Tarot Deck are the Tarot’s equivalent to young princes, who are distant from leadership responsibilities; they are dressed as royals with all glamour and are connected to the court that they serve. They are usually seen as messengers delivering a message, event or situation for the querent.

    The Page of Cups is a young messenger of love. Cups represent emotions, and the Page of Cups represents a pleasant happy message, news or event. He is childlike and playful, and carries an uplifting energy. He is a delight when he arrives in any reading that has a question related to sentiments. It is a go ahead for expressing feelings, and to be prepared that the other person may soon express their feelings. There is a strong possibility of a new love interest, or the querent could get closer to someone whom they have been seeing. It talks about healing emotions, mending of a relationship, a warm message from a love one. There is possibility of reunion, and communication with an old friend or lover. There is a renewed feel of wanting to connect with an old friend or lover again, and emotions guide in that direction to help re-familiarise the bond that previously existed. News that would bring emotional relief and joy can be expected. If it is a situation or event, then we can be assured that it would be a positive one where there is fairness and no criticism. It can indicate birth, or an important person coming into your life. This person is very likely to be younger than you. One of the things about their personality is that they may need more love and reassurance always, they are not emotionally mature. They are several years from the responsibilities that are usually seen in a court character. They are naïve and impatient. It can even mean that the person receiving this card in a future position would be feeling highly impatient.

    Page of cups also represents creativity and intuition. It guides that the person should listen to their gut instinct. Psychic ability that is sharpened will show the way.

    The Page pairs up with other court cards to give messages. When this happens, it is necessary to compare the ranks and suits of both to establish how they relate, and what that means. Kings and Queens are far more mature and grounded compared to Pages, while the Knights share a very different equation with them. Knights can be complicated, inhibited, serious, fast, changing while the Pages are simple, shy, childlike and moody. Two Pages in a reading would describe two person who are both immature, childlike, youthful and inexperienced. This combination can also represent a very strong opportunity which has different aspects to it. Hence, giving us message that more research needs to be before deciding on the opportunity.

    Page of Cups is an offer of help and cooperation, there is an air of harmony and loyalty. It is a great card to have in the reading. It means that there is still a lot of a emotional development and intellectual growth that needs to take place. The one good thing is the surety that love is all around.

    Page of Cups in Love, Career, Finance or any other matter

    If the Page has arrived in a reading, regardless of what the area of concern is, one thing that gives relief is knowing that the Page is bringing favourable and happy situation or message. Hence, it’s a very good card in a career, love, finance or any other reading, when it arrives in the immediate future, environment or the outcome position.

    Page of Cups Yes Or No

    Page of Cups is a very pleasant energy that conveys a “Yes” always.

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    Permanent Foreign Settlement In Vedic Astrology

    Permanent Foreign Settlement In Vedic Astrology

    Question from Baljit Kumar

    Date Of Birth:  17/07/1980

    Place Of Birth: Sherpur punjab

    Time Of Birth: 02:36 AM

    Subject:  Career

    Message: When he can be settled in uk ?….

    Email Id: [email protected]


    Moon Chart

    Navamsha Chart D9


    Hi Baljit Kumar,

    Your question is whether you will get settlement abroad.

    Looking at your horoscope, you are a TAURUS         lagan person, and you have the lord of your 1st house in its own house. Firstly this is a positive factor as it gives you luck and charm. You are a hardworker, and are quite a persistant person, meaning you try your best even when the situation is against you.

    You have the lord of 10th house, Saturn, sitting in 4th house. Usually, Saturn in 4th house will give moves to a foreign land for settlement. This is even more the case when there is a link between the 4th house and 10th house. In your case, the lord of the 4th house is Sun, which is in your 2nd house. But the thing to note is that Saturn is sitting in the nakshatra of the Sun in your 4th house. So therefore this makes a link.

    You can also say that the 4th house is afflicted by Saturn, meaning that your house of home land is damaged by a malefic planet, this would also cause you to leave your home country. This is another positive for settlement abroad.

    You have Mars in the 5th house, this usually would make you change your ideas many times, you have ideas to do so many things but you start something and then leave it and then start something else. But as we are talking about settlement, I will take Mars to be your 7th house lord which is aspecting your 12th house – this aspect on 12 th house by 7th lord will make you go abroad for work purposes, of your own business.

    Thirdly, Rahu and Ketu in 3rd/9th axis, which represents both short and long term travels show that you may have travelled to other places before wanting to come and settle in the UK. I would advise caution on this point also, as there are chances of some matter relating to the laws of the land, and I will not go into too much detail here on this.

    If we look at your Moon Chart this also supports settlement abroad with Rahu Ketu in 4th/10th axis- Rahu means foreign and in the 4th house of home it means taking you to a foreign place.

    Navamsha chart has Saturn in 10th house and this again supports your settlement abroad.

    Overall, my prediction is that you will have settlement in the UK, by 2020, when Mahadasa of Mars is in action, and possibly when Saturn antardasha starts.

    Priya Kapil

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