Ace Of Cups In Tarot Reading

Ace Of Cups In Tarot Reading

Aces are the strongest energy in every suit. Cups represent emotions. In the suit of cups, which takes us through the cascade of emotions, the Ace of Cups is the point of birth of emotions. Ace of Cups is a beautiful card that indicates new beginnings. It brings about feelings of freshness and a revival. The Ace of Cups usually tells us about the start of a new relationship for those who are single, a new love interest, or a revival of love in an existing relationship situation.

Ace of Cups is a card that fills us with the sense of newness. The fresh start of an emotional matter is the clear message. It can also mean the birth of a new family member or a new idea.

Ace of Cups In Love Reading:

A New start, a new love interest, and new relationship or the start of new emotional bonding. Without a doubt, the feeling is mutual. It can also represent marriage depending on surrounding cards, and the question. In an existing relationship, the arrival of this energy means that past issues will be buried and the free flowing energy of Ace will facilitate positivity and joy associated with love. Cups are the essence of love. The Ace of Cups also represents spiritual atonement, or simply a new interest in spirituality. A new path identified which has relevance to emotional good-being, or a new creative energy that brings about an influx of positive emotions, development of psychic sense or a passionate attraction towards spiritual development; all these meanings directly connect with our energised Ace of Cups, resulting in a feel of greater fulfilment. When the Ace of cups shows up in a reading where the question is about better times in a troubled relationship, the answer is that peace love and calmness will prevail in the near future. Ace of cups gives assurance that there is an emotional depth and that the newly developing feeling of mutual affection is not just a casual infatuation. It, of course, remains the free will of querent whether they wish to pursue it or not.

Ace of Cups In A Career Reading:

Once again this energy brings about the sense of new start, new beginnings and of course progression. The arrival of this card in a reading centred around whether or not an interview will be successful, whether or not someone will find a job, whether or not there will be a promotion, or anything related to career such that the question asked has relevance to happier emotions, and the query is related to new beginnings, progression or fresh start; the Ace of Cups is positive sign, and answer would be Yes. This is because there is an arrival of positive fresh energy that promotes happiness, and security.

Ace of Cups In Finances:

Ace of Cups in the future position of a finance reading implies that the chosen work venture will be a positive beginning, and indeed a successful one. Usually, this card appears when the querent has a deep emotional investment in his finance venture.

Ace Of Cups Health Reading:

Ace of Cups in the future position, hopes position, environment position, or outcome position of a reading about health matter,  means that there is a reason to be happy, and the person in question has blessings of the universe in that regard. There is nothing to worry, all will be well soon. Good health would return soon.

Ace Of Cups In Relation To Pregnancy:

Ace of Cups in the future position, hopes  position, environment position, or outcome position of a reading fixed to establish whether or not a lady will be blessed with a child, confirms that there is a reason to rejoice, the lady would conceive soon.

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