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Category: Tarot-Real Life Case Studies

Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings -3

Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings -3

Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings

Case Study 3 – Tarot Reading

A gentleman called Martin (real name withheld), asked for a general insight to his situation. He mentioned that he had been dating a lady Jennifer (real name withheld) for some time and that was also one of the things on his mind.

A Celtic Cross spread was done, which showed –

Position 1:     Ace of Cups


Position 2:     Nine of Wands


Position 3:     Eight of Pentacles


Position 4:     Four of Cups


Position 5:     Page of Wands


Position 6:     Ten of Swords


Position 7:     Wheel of Fortune


Position 8:     Ace of Wands


Position 9:     Ace of Swords


Position 10:   Queen of Pentacles


His Reference Cards: Three of Swords, Eight of Cups, Four of Wands and Ten of Cups 

My Interpretation: Positions 1, 2, 3 i.e. Presenting Situation Tarot Card, Crossing cards or Factors influencing the matter Tarot card, and the Basis of the situation Tarot Card, in this case were the Ace of Cups, Nine of Wands and Eight of Pentacles. The Ace of Cups tells us that we are talking about a beautiful beginning of a relationship. The Nine of Wands crossing it says that the person has been feeling weary and exhausted with the relationship circumstances. The Eight of Pentacles tells us that this relationship has some link with his work.

Martin confirmed he came in contact with Jennifer via his work; she had approached him for a professional service after seeing him on the social media. After spending a few months together, he wished to take to next level, however Jennifer was not as confident at that time, this caused him disappointment on the emotional front. Hence, the Nine of Wands.

Position 4 i.e. Recent Past Tarot Card, in this case was the Four of Cups. It tells us that there was a phase of emotional wait, there was emptiness and some worry about when wishes would be fulfilled. Martin revealed later that there was some distance between them due to Jennifer not yet willing to commit fully.

Position 5 i.e. Frontal Thoughts or Current Thoughts Tarot Card, in this case was the Page of Wands. I said to him that there were recurring thoughts about communicating with Jennifer, which was obvious knowing the situation.

Position 6 i.e. the Immediate Future Tarot Card, in this case was the Ten of Swords. I could foresee that their relation would for once go through a major dip, he would feel extremely unhappy about things, and he may even feel convinced for once that it has ended. Martin informed at that stage that he had no option other than to move on although he didn’t want to at all. Marriage was important for him.

Position 7 i.e. Factors Affecting Emotions Tarot Card, in this case was the Wheel of Fortune. Martin was thinking about his work and personal life most of the time. Major changes that he anticipated had direct influence on his emotions. Major change in life situation / marriage was one of the things on his mind.

Position 8 i.e. Environmental Factors Tarot Card, in this case was the Ace of Wands. It was easy for me to tell Martin that there will be significant changes in his work, there will new contract and a change of work place. The Ace of Wands also explained that there will be greater interest and involvement in the occult field. Martin did actually move on from his previous place of work into another media platform altogether shortly after. He was blessed with a great team and they began operating within few months of the reading. The Ace of Wands also indicated that there will be a new way of life, and a new energy would be entering his life. I felt strongly that the arrival of this Ace was not just about his work, I had a feel at this point that the lady in his heart would be making her way back into his life somehow or the other. This is because Aces are the strongest energy in the suits, and having more than one Ace means, significant heights in those areas that are directly ruled by the respective Aces. Having said that, it was too early for me to make that statement, I did bear it in mind until after I had looked at all surrounding cards, analysed the whole spread carefully, and allowed my intuition to guide me into feeling the message that was surfacing.

Position 9 i.e. Factors Affecting Hopes or Fears Tarot Card, in this case was the Ace of Swords. There was no doubt that there was great success to be achieved, there was fame and progression indicating by virtue of intellect. The Swords represent sharp articulation ability, fine speaking skills, delivery of advice, demonstration of intelligence and wisdom. And the Ace represents high level of success; it is a profoundly blessed energy. Martin had great fame and success in his new work, which was as a TV show presenter, delivering prediction advice, in a field of occult. Soon he had many people calling him during his shows and wanting personal consultations.

Position 10 i.e. the Final Outcome Tarot Card, in this case showed up as the Queen of Pentacles. This would have to be lady who works with numbers and money, or is studying a subject related to numbers. She had to be successful and accomplished in her field as she has been shown to be a Queen; hence a sound knowledge in her skills is expected in the way of a professional qualification. It was interesting to see this card in the outcome position considering that Martin’s emotional state was mainly impacted by his relationship situation. Therefore, I felt the need to go deeper and understand the relevance carefully. It will be interesting to reveal at this stage that ——- Jennifer was a Chartered Accountant by profession!

It is essential to explain why I connected the outcome card -Queen of Pentacles to Martin’s personal relationship. We all know that the Queen of Pentacles also speaks of good luck, and so on observing the sequence of the preceding cards which spoke mainly about work, success and fame, why did I not simply say that his new work venture is very blessed as the Queen of Cups is the icing on the cake. Instead, I chose to say that Jennifer will be returning and it is not over yet! He sounded less hopeful and appeared to have given up, as he was aware of all the reasons why they had to part in the first place, the new situation that he was nearly walking into. However, I had my reasons to confidently say he would have her back and that nothing is over.

Three Aces in a Reading is not a joke….! The strongest energies governing the emotions, creativity, work success and progression had arrived together to give their blessings, all in one spread, soon as the question was put forth. Two of these were consecutive, which makes one thing very clear that the universe is working in his favour. It is wise then to expect that the person would have their wishes granted in more than one area of life. Definitely, there had to be an emotional high, and for someone who has parted ways with his beloved, the very first thought of what an emotional high could be for them brings the word reconciliation to my mind.

The characteristics of the Queen of Pentacles matched very closely with Jennifer. Martin described her as strong minded confident lady, and who appeared to know what she wants. All these traits match our Queen of Pentacles. This could be a coincidence, however coming out in the outcome position, and having a common link (emotional connection) with the presenting matter i.e. the Ace of Cups, all this could not have been a coincidence.

Ace of Wands does not only represent new work, it also talks about an energy entering life, a new way of life altogether. So for this to happen, and bearing in mind that this is an Ace, I was inclined to feel that energy shift would take place and a new life style would be adopted. When someone begins to live with another person, their life style and habits subconsciously undergo some changes. Being the Ace, I could not eliminate that it is the Ace’s connection to marriage—being shown as the new way of life.

You may also question why could the Queen of Pentacles not be a new lady who also worked in the field related to numbers? What gave me the reason to say it would be Jennifer ?

Answer: I found a few things that showed me the connection between the outcome card and the presenting matter, which made me sure that the outcome is the answer for the presenting matter. Now, the presenting matter ie the Ace of Cups was crossed by the Nine of Wands, and had Eight of Pentacles showing as the basis. A new person, who is yet to blend in to Martin’s energy fully, could not have caused as much emotional weariness to Martin already. Also, the contact via work (already happened) was shown, to give me clarity, which lady is being talked about.

Hence, in this case study you will see that although Martin asked for a general reading, because he had less hope on his relationship and did not see the point in asking about it; Yet, the emotional matter showed up. This is because it was having the biggest impact on his system.  He did not reveal his feelings as such; in fact I could even describe him as a closed shop. Having said that there were plenty of giveaway signs that I picked up as a clairvoyant soon as I stepped into his energy circle. There was a clear sense that someone is sad and unable to do anything about the situation they are in, and my role as a psychic was to give them a straightforward advice that what they are wishing for isn’t over, it has got to be revived, so they must disentangle and make room for that to happen. The sense was picked up very soon, but then I needed findings of the Tarot spread that would validate my feel and give me a more confidence to make a statement . It is important to analyse the spread very carefully, and reason out findings while applying an in-depth knowledge of the cards. Each card has more than one meaning, and can be understood, applied and interpreted in various ways. In order to gain accuracy in doing this, the presence of a sharp sixth sense, the intuitive power is necessary. This develops over a period of time for some, while for others they become aware that something is guiding them from the first time they do a spread of tarot cards.

The reference cards are very helpful in giving an assurance to the reader; this is because the message obtained from these is along the same lines as the outcome. Sometimes it may have a slight more twist to it, but its best to not get diverted into wrong lanes, picking up the overall crude impression from the four cards is the objective. As we have to remember that the whole idea of looking at the reference cards is that we want to check if similar information has come. There will be no end to exploring new chapters if at all 1 card is not making too much sense, or talks about something else in the person’s life;  because we have to keep our focus on the subject of the reading at hand. Hence, even a weakly conveyed message is acceptable, so long as the final meaning is along same lines as that obtained from the Celtic Cross.

Over a period of time, when you and your Tarot Deck have totally blended your energies and it has been absorbed into your aura, such that you have relied upon it for many readings; you will notice that the reference cards convey much stronger messages, to help you help others.

The Three of Swords showed me that there was heartache all about; it also revealed that there was distance between them and Martin was missing Jennifer.

The Eight of Cups confirmed that he had no option other to turn his back and move on, although he didn’t quite want to. There was despair but emotional attachment still existed. (There are two upright cups among the eight toppled cups).

Four of Wands was a sure delight to see here after picking up so much in the Celtic Cross ! There was an offer of marriage on the way, connected to the same situation that caused the Three of Swords and Eight of Swords.

Ten of Cups is the ultimate card that one would want to see as outcome in a relationship matter. There was total emotional bliss coming his way, marriage was showing as a final outcome; but not in immediate future. Which is why it did not show in the Celtic Cross.

Jennifer did make her way back to Martin a few months later, And Yes just in time ! The marriage happened about 10 months after the reading. They are now happily settled in the United States. May God Bless the couple.