Eight of Cups in Tarot Reading – Love, Career and Finance

 Eight of Cups in Tarot Reading

Love, Career and Finance

Eight of cups in Tarot: The Eight of Cups is a card that represents emotional loss and despair. The mood is low and the heart is heavy. There is loneliness; heartache persists. The person has enjoyed all the opportunities that came their way when the theme was set at Seven of Cups; they made some not so wise choices which have now brought them to the point of stagnation. There is a sense of regret over what didn’t materialise as wished, the let down was incredibly shocking. It feels like there is no way forward, the person has to decide and detach, on his own accord. It is a hard situation to be in emotionally. Usually this card energy comes up to describe a relationship situation. The card comes to show that the person has tried their best; they have been left with no option other than to move on for sake of their own sanity and safety. It has been realised that the situation was not feasible to be in any longer.

The card is dark, the symbolism represents pressure; having no choice other than to detach and move ahead due to emotional unhappiness. The cups are mostly spilled, except that two of them are still upright. The person shown in the picture has turned their back towards the cups and is walking away. It appears that they no longer can bear the difficulties and challenges of the situation they were in, and due to loss of emotional nourishment the situation has begun to feel not worth the effort and time anymore. The landscape in the card is a visibly rough terrain, which in no means can be easy to walk on. However, it goes to show how difficult the previous experience must have been, that moving in the direction of that rough terrain is being planned.. Clearly, there is end of a  cycle , the person has turned their back on the past, they are wanting something new that can rejuvenate them, they appear to have finished and have let go, looking for answers and taking time for self analysis. Leaving everything behind with a heavy heart. Having said that; it is important to notice the two upright cups amongst the rest.


Eight Of Cups Tarot In Love and Relationships

In matters of the heart…the Eight of Cups means moving on after being dissatisfied for a long time. Letting go, and wanting to heal. No longer having hopes and aspirations connected to the previous situation, wanting to have something new that is emotionally more nourishing. Fulfilment of their own emotions has become a priority for the querent; they no longer wish to hold on to the emotionally draining connection. It may have been a disrespectful partner, or an abusive relationship, which has come full circle. They are finding it extremely hard, it is not easy for the person to turn their back, as once upon a time that particular relationship or love interest was all they ever wanted. However they are now withdrawing and looking for answers. It is a phase of soul searching and trying to heal.

The spiritual message associated with this card energy is that although six cups are toppled, we should not fail to acknowledge that there are 2 upright cups still. This means that it is a bad situation no doubt, BUT is not one that has entirely no potential whatsoever. The road has been rocky, the person has found it difficult to walk on that road, BUT… introspection is needed. All is not lost. A situation being difficult does not mean it is impossible, it means a greater determination could be needed to make it work. Their way of coping with it may need to be changed, perhaps new ways of managing it need to be explored, communication may need to be improved, and expectations may need to be slightly lowered. A little bit of everything may just be what is needed. After all, we still have two cups upright which means that all emotional attachment is not over, some wishes are still there even though the cloud of despair is overtaking.


Eight of Cups in Career Reading

In relation to work or career, if the Eight of Cups shows up, it gives a message that the person is not feeling adequately rewarded for their hard work, as a result of which sooner or later they would want to move on from that work place. The lack of emotional content would have arisen due to many factors – poor compatibility with colleagues, excessive workload, lesser financial reward, favouritism or discrimination at work place etc. It can also be the case that the particular job or profession is no longer being perceived as challenging enough for the querent, they have begun to find it boring hence wish to do something that they are highly passionate about. Either way, the impression gained is there is an urge to be in a better place.


Eight of Cups in Finance Reading

Eight of Cups in finance is not a very positive sign; it indicates losses, and a sense of sadness. If this comes as outcome in a spread where the question is related to investment, then the straight forward response would be that there shall be no gains, instead the querent shall be walking away with a heavy heart bearing the losses. If this card shows up as outcome in a spread laid to establish whether money lent would come back, then the obvious answer is No.

However It must be remembered that the “No” is not an absolute forever “No”, it means that at this point in time the answer is a No, however after a different strategy is applied , or much more effort is made to chase the money, then there is potential to get it. This is because there are two upright cups shown in the card…. Remember, All is not lost…


 Eight of Cups in Health Reading

In terms of health, the Eight of Cups tells us that there is some reason for the person to feel disheartened, and that there are some ongoing issues which are making them feel weary and exhausted. There is a possibility that person has given up on medical treatment and have prepared to accept what fate brings them. The message of the Eight of Cups is that although there are ongoing issues, there is reason to explore medical advice, it may/ may not reverse the condition but it will definitely be beneficial in the management of the condition which would improve the quality of life.

Having said that, No Psychic Tarot advice replaces medical opinion. It is of paramount importance to seek medical intervention for all heath disorders.


Eight of Cups Yes or No

The Eight of Cups has a feel of melancholy associated with it. There is greyness, and a sense of letting go, withdrawal and moving away. There is pain and detachment. A change is highly probable. Things not going as expected. The answer is more likely to be a No.


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