Foreign Settlement Vedic Astrology – Free Consultation Answer

 Foreign Settlement Vedic Astrology – Free Consultation Answer:

Name: Harpreet

Date Of Birth: 27/06/1985

Place Of Birth: Ludhiana panjab

Time Of Birth: 11:30 AM

Subject: Career

Email Id: [email protected]

Message: Hi Priya Ji… please tell me if u can when I can settle down in uk please?

Moon Chart


D-9 Or Navamsa Chart



Hi Harpreet,

You are born in the rising sign of Leo. You are a very loyal, passionate and generous individual. You like to be the centre of attention and want to be the best at everything- sometimes a perfectionist! You are kind hearted, and family orientated.

Your question is about settlement in UK.

Firstly in your chart your lord of chart the Sun is sitting in 11th house with Mars, it is in the nakshatra of Rahu so it does show foreign connections. Infact foreign connections is quite strong in your chart.

You have a cluster of planets in the 3rd house – Moon, Saturn and Ketu. These all indicate many short term journeys or travels, and Rahu in 9th house shows long term travel to foreign lands. UK is foreign for you as you are born in India.

Moon is your 12th lord, whenever 12th lord gets a link with 10th house there is a chance to go abroad. (your moon is with Saturn). And so you did get a chance to come abroad.

However will you stay settle away from your homeland- for this we need to look at the condition of your 4th house, 4th lord and lagan lord.

  • 4th house – this is not afflicted so there is no risk to you at your homeland
  • 4th lord Mars is with yogakaraka Sun, but is not afflicted by any other malefic – means there is nothing to take you away from homeland
  • Lagan lord Sun is in 11th house with yogakaraka Mars, but is not afflicted by anything else. Yes it is in nakshatra of Rahu which gives foreign connections – but it is not causing you to be forced out of your birth land.

So if all these points are there then how are you in a different country and staying here? Well; the answer to this is the 3rd /9th house planets of Saturn, moon , rahu , ketu all in aspect which are lords of the 12th house (foreign), lord of 10th Venus, with Rahu /Ketu (foreign). The fact these planets are in the travel houses shows that you have moved here and can stay here long-term (due to the journey), but there is nothing that supports actual ‘settlement’ in an easy way.

BUT we cannot just look at main chart, we must analyse the moon and navamsha chart too.

  • Moon Chart shows – lord of 4th from moon (Saturn), is sitting with Moon – this is favourable for settling abroad
  • Rahu in 7th from Moon – favourable for abroad
  • Lord of 12th from Moon (Mercury) in 10th from moon shows settlement abroad


In Navamsha chart

  • Saturn In 7th house is favourable for abroad
  • Mars lord of 12th afflicting the 4th house – favourable for abroad
  • Rahu in 12th favourable for keeping you abroad

So my overall conclusion is that it is NOT EASY for you to settle in UK. But You ‘Can’ stay in the UK – whether that’s in the ‘right’ way or not, I can’t go into more details here, but there will be something that comes up for you that will allow you to stay, but that will be only once your Saturn Mahadasha has started after 2022 – and it is likely it may be on the basis of children. But you need to KEEP MAKING EFFORTS, do not give up with legal advice, hire a different lawyer if needed. Until then you need to be careful.


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Astrologer Priya Kapil

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Written by Priya Kapil

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  1. will I settle in the foreign city
    my date of birth is 01.07.1984
    place of birth is Navalgund
    time of birth is 07.00 AM

  2. I went to foreign land 3 yrs back. Now i want to know is there chance to go to abroad again (Travel or Settelment)
    Name – Sandeep
    DOB 4th may 1986
    Birth Time 9.05 a.m.
    Place – Delhi

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