Free Online Future Prediction

Free Online Future Prediction

Name: Surinder bamrah

Email Id: [email protected]

Date Of Birth: 26/05/1963

Place Of Birth: Eldoret, kenya

Time Of Birth: 09:01 AM

Subject: My near future

Question: Generally about money relationships home children


Moon Chart

Navamsha Chart

Hi Surinder,

You are born in the ascendant of Gemini, which makes you a social butterfly. You love to be part of the crowd, and are the heart and soul of any party or get together. You are intellectually very clever, and have great social skills.

Your question was regarding a general reading about the near future.

At the present time you are going through the Mahadasha of Ketu. this started in 2011, and since then it is likely that you will have been having some struggles and a hard time relating to areas of relationships and finances mainly. It is likely that you may have suffered internal depression or a feeling of sadness and loss on some front, for which you have tried to lose yourself in a crowd in order to feel ok.

In transit chart, Rahu is in your 3rd house with your natal mars, this has meant that you have had some big shake ups financially since the early part of this year, as rahu is afflicting the lord of your 11th house mars which represents income and gains, it is likely you will have suffered a loss. This tricky period will continue until Rahu moves out of Leo during mid next year. Until then you need to stay alert regarding areas of finance. This planetary placement has also affected your confidence this year.

You will be making journeys abroad for travel/holidays, but you need to be careful and guard yourself against theft as there is a possibility of this also.

With Jupiter moving into your 4th house in transit, there are chances that you may have moved house, or are thinking of moving/getting something else this year. There will be expenditure on either a car or again, some sort of travel.

From the start of next year, Saturn will move from your 6th house into the 7th house of business and relationships. You have also stepped into the Ketu/Saturn dasa so this will further highlight the areas of relationships and business. My advice would be that don’t get into anything that is too ambitious if you are thinking of a career move/ job change. Also if in a relationship, patience may be needed as it can be a testing time while Saturn comes into your 7th house of relationships- this could be on a professional or personal level.  If you drink, please keep this within limits. Don’t be too trusting of people; always think practically with your mind rather than your heart, as you could be taken advantage of.

Health areas to be wary of are lower stomach area, leg pain and anxiety. For remedial measures, getting into some routine of meditation or going to the temple may be beneficial for you.

Sub: Free Online Future Prediction

Written by Psychi Connect

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