King Of Cups In Tarot Reading – Love, Career, Health

King Of Cups In Tarot Reading – Love, Career, Health

King of Cups Court Card: The King of Cups tarot card is a very compassionate male energy. He is well grounded and balanced. He is humble, affectionate and perceived as empathetically caring; all of which makes him a very dear King. He leads with love, and offers support and guidance to his people. His energy is calm yet progressive in nature; therefore it is one that brings motivation to anyone who has lost direction in the storms of life. The old soul that he is, brings him virtues of incredible strength and resilience, which help him in comforting other people whom he sees getting engulfed by their own emotions, severely enough to reach a stage where they begin to sink. The discipline he possesses keeps him in control at all times, even during the most turbulent phases. When life turns upside down, the King of Cups has ability to remain steady, and still offer assistance to many who seek a helping hand.

He is divine in nature; pure spirituality can be felt in his aura. The card illustration shows him sitting on his royal throne, a bit forward and to the side; so not quite in a relaxing demeanour. He appears as though ready to leap out at the very first call of help to serve his people. He appears less concerned about his personal comfort, and plays it subtle in the regal department.

These Kings are usually found working in fields of healthcare, or as holistic therapists, artists, spiritualists, communal leaders or any field of work that involves care, and well being of fellow people.

The King of Cups has the highest level of control in all emotional matters. He has disciplined his reactions and emotions unlike many other people. This is what makes him very different. He loves deep from within his heart, and when he cares it can be felt as coming from within his soul. But he understands it best that, human emotions are a form of energy, and that if any energy is left to flow excessively – it can become detrimental when it gets out of hand. The energy of Love needs to be balanced and disciplined for it to remain free flowing, so that it is effective as joyful and pleasurable. The King of Cups is one who follows his heart, goes out of his way to help others. He is looked upon with respect and most people wish to seek his advice. He is non-judgemental, but anything that does not appeal to him, he will simply stay clear of that, instead of taking on the challenging task of redefining other’s behaviours. Most people get immensely touched by his beautiful nature traits and begin to follow him, he becomes their role model. He does not believe in imposing rules, but he is able to rule each and every heart among the thousands of his people with his fair minded ideals, strict principals and divine nature. Blessed with heavenly wisdom, he is after all THE KING OF CUPS!


King of Cups in Love & Relationships

There is very good news when the King of Cups appears in love and relationship spread. It means that there is some one very kind and loving coming in, that there will be peace and content in love life and the relation will be balanced with the arrival of this energy. He is usually a male, who has a very sympathetic and considerate nature. His wonderful traits of being trustworthy, reliable, and agreeable bring a high level of security to the relationship. Love is the promise.


King of Cups in Career & Finance 

When the King of Cups arrives in the immediate future or outcome position a career reading, it means that a supportive boss or a very approachable Team Lead will bring a high level of satisfaction with his input. It is a good sign of balance coming about, and gives a message that the querent is being thought about as respected and useful as work. In Finance, it implies that the querent must be generous, whatever they give out, will be coming back multiplied many fold. It indicates that spiritual force on their side, and that a balance thought process is needed, one that is grounded and not selfish by any means. Once this approach is achieved, things begin to move in the right direction. Financial rewards are inevitable.


King of Cups in Health

In matters of health, the appearance of the King of Cups in immediate future position, environment position or the outcome position means that there is a good reason for input from a medical doctor or healer or any health care professional. It has spiritually healing properties as an energy; hence the outcome has a positive tone to it. There may be the need for treatment, but once that is completed, good health prevails. The person involved in care has healing ability. Having said that, it is essential to contact your medical practitioner for all your health concerns in the first instance, regardless of what comes through in the tarot reading.

King of Cups in Yes Or No

The King of Cups is a very straightforward ‘Yes’ to most answers, when it arrives in the outcome position.

Written by Veni Mehta

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