Mars In Astrology – Love, Career, Marriage & Remedies

Mars In Astrology – Love, Career, Marriage & Remedies

Mars is the fiery red planet, it is known as Mangal in vedic astrology. It is close to the Earth and therefore does have a profound affect on individuals depending on its placement in the birthchart.

Some of the significations and karakas that Mars represents are:

Courage, ambition, power, passion & drive, energy levels, confidence, competitive nature

Commander/chief of army, military, weapons, war, violence, bravery, police

Injury, accidents, infection, surgery, fire incidents, sex drive

Land, siblings, minerals, fiery places, mountains/forests 


MARS In Astrology and your PERSONALITY 

Effect Of Planet Mars In Astrology

Good Mars in birthchart… 

A strong positive Mars in a chart gives an ambitious, competitive personality. Someone who can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Their energies are focussed and they have a goal to achieve with an action plan in place. They have learned to channel the aggressive nature of mars into an assertive energy which makes them productive.


Bad Mars in birthchart… 

A negative Mars makes a person rash, impulsive and aggressive. They are moody and can become irritable quickly on little things, over sensitive. It is also seen that they can take the use of lies or false promises to get their way. The negative mars person does not know how to approach tasks with the aim of finishing them, which often means they have many plans and ideas but move on from one to another without finishing what they have started – it becomes an aimless energy that they don’t know how to harness, unless they have some other positive influence over them.

If Mars is placed with a strong malefic influence with other cruel planets or associations, then it can give violent tendencies too.



Mars in 5th house love relationships… 

In the 5th house, Mars gives a lot of opportunites with the opposite sex, but sometimes these are short lived as mars wants action and excitement and unless these needs are being met, they will easily get bored. However that’s not to say that they are not capable of a stable relationship providing the partner gets to know their drive and energy level and tries to move with them.


Mars in relationships – high expectations..

Mars in the 1st  and 7th house people will generally have high expectations from their partners, and therefore take time to find the right love relationship, because they are naturally very selective of what they are looking for. This sometimes means that they struggle to start a relationship because they are never really sure if it ticks all their boxes on the ‘list’ they have in mind! Once in a relationship they will continue their constant ‘testing’ of the person to see if they are right for them and don’t completely emotionally give themselves away until they feel that the person they have chosen is actually ‘’ok’

For this reason mars dominated people  naturally put up a barrier in relationships at the beginning , so that they don’t get hurt emotionally, because that’s a kind of way for them to cope with any heartache or rage they will feel if it doesn’t work out.

Having said that, once the barrier is down and they have accepted a person as a lover, they will want a lot of deep connection with them, and expect a level of commitment that means they are everthing and the most important thing there is.


Mars in marriage compatibility…Manglik Dosh 

In Marriage, Mars has been given a lot of importance in vedic astrology marriage compatibility due to Manglik dosh. Manglik person are those that have Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the birthchart.


Mars causing delay in marriage.. 

If Mars is in these houses, it is likely to cause delay in finding the right partner for marriage – and I believe this is a lot to do with my paragraph above in love relationships, that the person is too selective and has very high expectations of what they are looking for. However I have also seen in practical cases, that sometimes even if the person is not selective, they will still have a delay in marriage because of factors outside their control for eg, having some illness at the age of when they would be looking for marriage partners, or some happening in the family that delays them, or their study or appearance has some issue that makes them not want to consider marriage – so it causes obstacles.


Mars in marriage and disturbed life/divorce.. 

It is also said that a manglik  person can face not only the delay in getting married, but also higher than normal possibilities for disturbed married life and divorce/separations.

Therefore it is necessary to do a marriage compatibility analysis before moving ahead , (see my article on marriage compatibility).  Another reason for this is that a dominant Mars gives a lot of passion, and both partners should have the same energy levels to make sure this passion and desire for the same things is satisfied, else there will be frustrations. 

A 4th house Mars, generally indicates disturbance in domestic peace in marriage, tensions and heartache.  A 12th house Mars causes differences in marriage due to external interferences from outside people, this can be friends or family or complete strangers. I believe that positive influences though can mitigate these affects to an extent.


Mars influence on marriage with Rahu, Saturn…

Mars & Rahu in 7th house can cause opportunities for marital affairs, as can an association with venus and Saturn.

Whilst an association of Saturn with Mars can in the worst extreme cases cause the person to either inflict violence on their partner, or be the victim of the abuse. But many factors need to be considered to arrive at these conclusions including supporting dashas, transits and nakshatra lords, their placements and general strength of the mars in question.


MARS and your CAREER In Astrology 

Mars professions…. 

The Careers that are associated with Mars are in general, police force, army/military officers, fire brigade, pharmacist, surgeon/doctor, butcher, sports person, engineers, land dealers, builders, real estate. 


Mars the Leader, Dominator and Manipulator…

Mars Dig Bal in 10th.. 

In todays world of work, Mars can be seen to give the confidence and drive to get ahead, so a nicely placed Mars in 10th house will give leadership qualities.  As Mars is Dig Bal in 10th house it will get the directional strength to perform positively and the ambition and competitiveness of the person will drive them to excel at the highest ranks. Also someone with a strong mars will be a very good dominater ….and manipulater – therefore very good at sales & marketing professions.

Mars in 10th can also suggest someone who can take the route of medicine, and specifically be a surgeon, providing studies of the 4th and 5th house along with analysis of D10 chart support this.


Mars and Bullying in the workplace…

A badly placed Mars or one with association with other malefics, can indicate the need to watch out for an arguementative nature, conflicts in the workplace and with seniors.

It has also been seen in my research that the 10th house Mars, when afflicted, causes some sort of blame or allegations that can arise when the corresponding dasha or transits are active.

In 6th house, Mars can cause to be the victim of bullying in the workplace.


MARS and your HEALTH 

Mars represents red blood cells, circulation of blood, muscles, ligaments, liver, spleen, external sex organs, adrenal glands, nose, bone marrow, infections, rash.


Favourable Mars in Health..

Favourably placed Mars will cause person to recover easily from health issues, and have a strong vitality and energy about them. Good Mars will endow a strong immune system and the ability to fight any infection.


Negative Mars & Health problems.. 

A weak Mars can cause problems such as anaemia and a lack of energy, weak muscles / muscle pain.

1st  house Mars gives chance for injury to the head/face, it also can indicate problems of migraine throughout life.

Mars in 8th makes the person liable to accidents and injuries so it is advised that they take their time over normal activities to avoid slips and trips, car accidents and so on.

12th house Mars can give possibilities to have surgery related to the private areas, either some issue with rectum such as piles or in other cases, depending on associations with venus, can indicate need for abortion or miscarriage.  Considerations of holistic chart need to be made with analysis on dashas, transits, nakshatra lords.

An association of Mars with Rahu/ Saturn in the dashas or by transit can indicate time for surgery, and it can be seen what area this pertains to by looking at the house the planets relate to. Mars can also cause inflammations to the area represented by the planet it is associated with.

Mars negatively associated with moon gives bloodpressure issues.


Remedies for Mars 

  • Recite Beej Mantra

Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sah Bhaumaya Namah 

  • Recite Mangal Mantra

Om Namo Mangalaaya Namah 

  • Recite Mangal Stotra

“Dharaniigarbhasambhutam vidyutkaanti samaprabham
Kumaaram shaktihastam ca tam mangalam pranamaamyaham” 

“Om mangalaaya namah” 

  • Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman Ji, recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan.
  • Donate items relating to Mars, red masoor dal, sweets, red clothing on Tuesdays.


Written by Priya Kapil

Vedic astrologer, specialising in detailed horoscope analysis,love & marriage compatibility matching, career, finances, annual and longterm predictions, using traditional remedies


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