Mercury In Astrology – Career, Love, Marriage & Remedies

Mercury In Astrology – Career, Love, Marriage & Remedies

Mercury In Astrology: I always think of Mercury is the green planet – it’s not green, but I guess it’s because its gem is the green emerald; anyway that’s just my weird thought about mercury! Back to the article…well Mercury is the planet of communication, it is very important as it governs so much in today’s world of media and technology! It rules intellect and also the way we think. It is known as the messenger of the Gods.

Some of the things Mercury represents are:

Letters, emails, communication means, telephone, good speech, intelligence, wit and sense of humour, sisters, friends, maths, teaching, language, technical fields, art, brass and alloys, maternal uncles, young nature, nervous system, business.



Strong Mercury in birthchart

A positive Mercury in the birthchart will give a quick witted person who is able to reply on the spot, as Mercury gives very good intellect and speed to think very fast and ahead of others. Usually people with strong Mercury get impatient waiting for others to finish what they are saying, as they jump ahead in their minds and have already processed and digested the information AND come up with a solution in their head before the other person even finishes what they are saying!


Mercury in 1st house..

Mercury in 1st house makes a person very clever, and shrewd. They have a young looking appearance and speak pleasantly. They are very intellectual and from an early age, they will have good problem-solving skills and a strong analytical ability. They will ask a lot of questions on everything because they want to understand everything. They are like a human computer, with a very good memory too.

A strong mercury gives the ability to learn multiple languages and speak with a very good command of the language. They possess a technical mind frame so are very good at making things work if out of order. Mercurial people need to have logic in everything. They are very good arguers, as they have a reply for everything and have a valid point, in their eyes, about whatever they are defending. They are able to even manipulate or persuade the other person to their own way of thinking because they put up such a good lecture.


Negative Mercury In Personality

A negative Mercury makes someone irritable, and can give a depressed tendency due to them always worrying about something. Once they have something in their mind, it’s hard for them to let it go until they have analysed each and every angle in ten different ways. This is frustrating for them and causes them to lose their temper too.

Badly placed mercury also gives some type of bad habit to the person, or if weak in 1st or 2nd house it can give a stuttered way of speaking, a stammer.


Mercury In Marriage

Mercury in 5th house in love relationships

Mercury is a eunuch planet; it’s neither masculine nor feminine. It takes on some of the nature of whatever planet it is sitting with in a chart. Some of this can be exemplified as the younger, immature person becoming influenced by the more mature, elders. In Love relationships, a dominant mercury person will act as the younger, flamboyant one in the relationship, fluttering around not caring so much about what repercussions are, as they know they have someone else to curb them if needed. So they become a bit careless.


Mercury asks too many questions

This is especially true of Mercury in the 5th house. These people have a curiosity to learn everything from the root about their partner, as they find this as a way of understanding them. But this can come across as suffocating sometimes, not allowing their partner the freedom that they might need. Mercury here is attracted to individuals who communicate a lot, and it is not unusual for love to start through emails, the internet, or other sources of technical /media fields. Although they might want to be childlike in their relationship, they actually expect their partner to appear to the outside world as if they are highly sophisticated, educated and revered. They take pride in their lover being intellectual. They need someone who can keep up with their fast minds and curiosities.


Mercury in 7th house and Marriage compatibility

In the 7th house, Mercury is again a childlike personality but expects their partner to be the more reserved and disciplined person. In marriage well placed mercury will give a very deep connection with the partner because the person will try their hardest to know every single thing about what they like or dislike. This can be good if the partner is also a mercurial person as they will understand this behaviour.

As 7th house falls in Kendra, well-placed mercury will bring good name and rise in status after marriage. It will also benefit the partner.


Mercury in marriage and being obsessive

However, a badly placed mercury in 7th house will cause frequent quarrels as the person just wants to prove themselves right. It can also give some possessiveness over the partner. Sometimes Mercury in 7th can do the opposite and give detachment from an emotional relationship, and this needs to be analysed via the nakshatra placement.

Mercury with Rahu in 7th or as lord of 7th with Rahu can give potential to give false promises or lie to /be lied to in marriage.

Merc & Saturn combinations can cause issues with conceiving in marriage but this is a general statement and supporting dashas, transits and nakshatras all need to be checked.

Mercury & Moon together can give chances of deception in marriage if badly placed, aspected by malefic.



Some of the professions ruled by Mercury are accounts, teaching, commerce, banking, technical engineers, software or computer programmers, marketing specialists, writers, lawyers, journalists, comedians, astrologers.

Mercury is so important in the business world as it shows the ability to Communicate and make relationships with clients, bosses, colleagues, employees. And it represents the power to think – and think well.


Mercury in 10th house career

Strong and well placed Mercury in 10th house can give brilliant intuition in business, and as a manager of a business. These people make decisions based on a gut instinct – and they are often proved right. They take risks and gambles which pay off in time.

10th mercury is very intelligent and the sharp wit and sense of humour that comes with it helps to attract people and charm them. People get an instant liking and trust the individual straight away.  They have the ability to listen to issues and rationalise them in their minds, analysing all angles to come up with a dignified and best solution. This makes people look up to them as a manager. As a subordinate, they impress their employers.


Retrograde Mercury and career impact

A badly placed Mercury in 10th house can cause issues in periods of retrograde, dasha or transit with malefic planet over the house. It can cause blurred thinking and result in the wrong decisions being taken, resulting in a bad public image or loss of status.

Poor mercury condition can mean that the person is just not able to get their point across as they are not able to articulate their thoughts in the proper manner, so they are not taken seriously.



Mercury represents tongue, nervous system, skin, thyroid, motor nerves, speech, breathing.


Mercury and depression..anxiety

The most common health problems associated with a negative or badly placed Mercury is depression, anxiety and stress. This is because mercury rules the nervous system and the brain. If it is aspected by malefic and placed in an enemy nakshatra there would be some problems arising due to these.


Mercury with Saturn produces a lot of anxiety and really tests how well a person can cope in situations. However, a good aspect from a benefic and a well-placed moon can overcome some of the negativity associated with this combination.


The same combination can give rise to nerve pain, and sciatica is a common nerve pain associated with Saturn and mercury.


As mercury rules Gemini, in the kalpursh Kundli, this governs breathing and respiratory complaints such as bronchitis, asthma can be triggered by negative periods including retrograde mercury time.


Mercury with Venus when unfavourable can cause issues with skin, acne, or pigmentation. As Venus also rules the neck area, this combination can cause thyroid problems.


Malefic Mercury and OCD, Stammering and other bad habits

Another important thing to note with mercury when it is poorly placed or associated with malefic  is that it gives bad habits, these can relate to obsessive tendencies, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), where a person feels they have to do certain things in certain orders, or a certain number of times to be ‘okay’. For example, a person might feel they have to keep washing their hands again and again, or that they have to switch the light switch on and off ten times before leaving the house, or that the towels on the rail have to all be in a perfectly straight line. These tendencies are stronger if merc is sitting with Rahu in a chart. I feel this is a way of the brain coping with the anxiety of a negative mercury.

Mercury also gives tremors or ‘tics’ where a person may stutter or stammer when talking or move a certain part of their body repetitively.



-Recite Budh Beej Mantra

“Om Bram Breem Broum sah Budhaaya Namah”

-Recite Budh Mantra

“Om Namo Budhaaya Namah”

-Donate items relating to Mercury on Wednesday; green mung dal, green cloths, green bangles

-Refresh your mind by walking bare feet on green grass

-Feed birds with soaked green mung dal daily


Written by Psychi Connect

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