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Nine Of Cups In Tarot Reading

Love, Career & Finance

Nine Of Cups In Tarot Reading: The Nine of Cups is a very beautiful card that radiates an energy flow of celebration and rejoicing. This is one of the most desired cards in our Tarot deck; it brings a big smile on the face of the querent and the reader. The Nine of Cups simply means “Wish come true”!  Be it emotional, physical or sensual there is a guarantee that the wish will be fulfilled. What more could one ask for, after the universe gives such a big assurance?

The confusing choices of the Seven of Cups and the stagnant despairing scenes of the Eight of Cups left a situation of imbalance; everything was out of place. Arrival of the Nine of Cups brings about balance with an influx of heavy positive energy. There is rekindling of old relationships, emotional delight, and sigh of relief after all the lows that were experienced since the 5 of Cups. This is one of the most happy and uplifting cards in Tarot. It gives a golden promise that the heart’s desire will be granted in the very near future.

The illustration on the card shows a man dressed in colourful clothes standing against golden cups, and holding one of them up to say “Cheers”! He is has an expression of confidence, there is a visible hint of smugness, his face is beaming with joy and the one feeling you get from looking at him , is that-  this is his WOW moment…!  There is both spiritual and material fulfilment, which has just been realised.

Nine Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: The theme is one of celebration, there is abundance of reassurance that happy times are ahead, and the results for all that was hoped have been achieved. It is a time to party; music, dancing and merry making all happen when the Nine of Cups arrives. There is no better way of describing this, other than saying- all that you wished for when asking your question will be granted. The crowd is jubilant, the person in question is cheerful, mood is elated, and spirits are high.

This card energy represents stability and foundations for the future. There is pleasure and great delight when setting goals as these would have been the heart’s desires for long time. Holidays, relaxation, great times with partner are all indicated.

As much as the Nine of Cups is a blessing to see in a spread, there is one specific matter to be borne in mind about the wish that is being granted.

Everything about it will be all that you ever wanted, except that there will be one issue related to it that will make you say- “only if this wasn’t the case, everything else is as perfect as all I can ever want.”


Nine of Cups in Love and Relationship Reading

Seeing the Nine of Cups in a relationship / love spread is very common. It represents rekindling of love relations; there is more warmth, and mutual exchange of love with person who has been long desired. The relation will become stronger; it has potential to go to next level. Often, when someone requests a reading asking whether the person they fancy would be interested in them, the Nine of Cups gives assurance that the interest and admiration is mutual. There isn’t a more delightful card than this when it comes to love and relationships as it promises complete emotional, physical and sensual satisfaction with that one person who is so desired. Seeing this card in a reading where we are trying to establish, whether or not a couple will reconcile, is a sigh of relief. They will not just reconcile their differences but will actually be very close to one another as couple. The one thing to be noted here is that permanence is not confirmed. The Nine of Cups brings extreme highs in terms of emotional happiness; however it is not necessary that things will remain the same always. 


Nine of Cups in a Career Reading

If the reading has been fixed with a question on whether or not a particular job will be secured, and the Nine of Cups appears in the outcome position, then; it must be understood that even though the result will be positive, there will be something about the job that will make the querent think for some time. It could be that the designation is great, but the pay does not match the skills. Or it could be that the designation and money both are as good as they can get, but the job requires the person to move location. Nine of Cups means that the person’s wish would come true but at a cost of a small compromise. Often this is not thought of as a problem as the new job offer is far more a greater joy.


Nine of Cups in Finance Reading

The Nine of Cups showing in a reading about finance, gives message that there will be a very satisfactory outcome. There would be a hint of smugness; confidence would be visible on the face of the person for whom this card has arrived. Happy news is confirmed when we see this card in outcome position for a reading fixed about about investment. There would be financial gains leading to emotional satisfaction, whatever is the situation. If the question is whether someone would return borrowed funds, then the response is a positive one with Nine of Cups.


Nine of Cups in Health and Pregnancy

In a reading where the question is about health, the arrival of Nine of Cups in outcome position says that all will be well. Good health will prevail; whatever is affecting the person will settle, and there will be relieved emotions. In a question about pregnancy, Nine of Cups says that there is a reason to celebrate; good news is on its way. Having said that, it is important to remember that medical input is absolutely essential for dealing with heath problems at all times.


Spiritual advice about this card is that one should not get too carried away with merry making such that they even forget about their health. Also, it is wise to bear in mind that the deepest wish being asked about will be granted, however it is important to not get blinded with happiness when it happens, so much that you forget certain matters that are equally important in your life. Think carefully and proceed, do not get carried away without paying complete attention to your thoughts and concerns, else there will be some repercussions. Overall, the card has a very happy note to it; enough to sweep anyone off their feet and is a divine blessed energy.

Nine of Cups Yes or No

Without a doubt the answer is YES, because Nine of Cups is an extremely strong positive energy and has a very happy note to it. It brings joy and reasons to celebrate!!

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