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Page Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Page Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Page Of Cups In Tarot – Love, Career & Finance

Page Of Cups In Tarot  In Tarot Reading: Pages in the Tarot Deck are the Tarot’s equivalent to young princes, who are distant from leadership responsibilities; they are dressed as royals with all glamour and are connected to the court that they serve. They are usually seen as messengers delivering a message, event or situation for the querent.

The Page of Cups is a young messenger of love. Cups represent emotions, and the Page of Cups represents a pleasant happy message, news or event. He is childlike and playful, and carries an uplifting energy. He is a delight when he arrives in any reading that has a question related to sentiments. It is a go ahead for expressing feelings, and to be prepared that the other person may soon express their feelings. There is a strong possibility of a new love interest, or the querent could get closer to someone whom they have been seeing. It talks about healing emotions, mending of a relationship, a warm message from a love one. There is possibility of reunion, and communication with an old friend or lover. There is a renewed feel of wanting to connect with an old friend or lover again, and emotions guide in that direction to help re-familiarise the bond that previously existed. News that would bring emotional relief and joy can be expected. If it is a situation or event, then we can be assured that it would be a positive one where there is fairness and no criticism. It can indicate birth, or an important person coming into your life. This person is very likely to be younger than you. One of the things about their personality is that they may need more love and reassurance always, they are not emotionally mature. They are several years from the responsibilities that are usually seen in a court character. They are naïve and impatient. It can even mean that the person receiving this card in a future position would be feeling highly impatient.

Page of cups also represents creativity and intuition. It guides that the person should listen to their gut instinct. Psychic ability that is sharpened will show the way.

The Page pairs up with other court cards to give messages. When this happens, it is necessary to compare the ranks and suits of both to establish how they relate, and what that means. Kings and Queens are far more mature and grounded compared to Pages, while the Knights share a very different equation with them. Knights can be complicated, inhibited, serious, fast, changing while the Pages are simple, shy, childlike and moody. Two Pages in a reading would describe two person who are both immature, childlike, youthful and inexperienced. This combination can also represent a very strong opportunity which has different aspects to it. Hence, giving us message that more research needs to be before deciding on the opportunity.

Page of Cups is an offer of help and cooperation, there is an air of harmony and loyalty. It is a great card to have in the reading. It means that there is still a lot of a emotional development and intellectual growth that needs to take place. The one good thing is the surety that love is all around.

Page of Cups in Love, Career, Finance or any other matter

If the Page has arrived in a reading, regardless of what the area of concern is, one thing that gives relief is knowing that the Page is bringing favourable and happy situation or message. Hence, it’s a very good card in a career, love, finance or any other reading, when it arrives in the immediate future, environment or the outcome position.

Page of Cups Yes Or No

Page of Cups is a very pleasant energy that conveys a “Yes” always.

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