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How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology: When you take a look at a natal chart for the very first time, your own perhaps, you might find it overwhelming and completely confusing. Listed below are some easy steps to obtain a deal with on what those lines and icons mean. If you follow these steps you can quickly start to understand your chart.

Before you start this step-by-step exercise you need a chart (aka Birth Horoscope, Natal Chart, or Natal Horoscope Remember that some charts show more symbols than mine do. I take advantage of a classical graph. When you have a hand-drawn graph it will show at least what’s shown here. Verify the precision of the delivery data. This includes the real name, the delivery place, the delivery day and the delivery time. This task is really important. You’ll never want to start to interpret a graph that’s not accurate.

Here’s how.

First you’ll need a delivery graph. Let’s use yours for example.

In the event that you don’t own it available, you may use my simple and easy-to-use delivery graph calculator here.

Remember this calculator uses the actual size and located area of the constellations, called sidereal astrology. So you may notice a few of your indicators will vary. To find out more on sidereal, watch this quick video detailing it at length.

THE HOUSES.& How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

The homes symbolize the sky during your delivery. More the ecliptic specifically, which is the road the planets move across in the sky. The homes form the skeletal framework of the graph and are always in the same location for everybody.

Inside a western chart, like the main one we’re using today, the remaining most area of the chart signifies the eastern horizon, also called what’s increasing, or the ascendant. This is actually the start of the graph and the homes start here. Starting with the very first house moving counterclockwise through the 12th.

(Remember that there will vary house systems utilized by astrologers. Therefore the ascendant might be someplace in the very first house, or you may spot the homes aren’t divided up similarly in other charts. The machine we are employing today and what my calculator uses is named the equivalent house system, which divides in the ecliptic into 12 similar segments beginning with the ascendant. Feel absolve to use whichever system you like.)

Straight opposite the ascendant is the descendant, which as you may guess is the western horizon, or what’s setting. The very best of the graph represents the best area of the ecliptic in the sky, and underneath what’s within the horizon, or the non-visible sky.

A good way of considering this is because the homes represent the regions of the sky: in astrology the homes represent the regions of life.

You start with the first house which symbolizes every area of our life relating to the self such as self-image, motivations, our goals, our physical body, appearance, etc. The next relating to our values, etc. The homes represent what we may call “regions of life”.

THE SIGNS & How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

The signs represent where along the ecliptic the zodiac signs were during your delivery. What indication was increasing, which setting? This is where individual interpretations can start now that we have two components of the chart to compare.

It could be said the indications show the characteristics of the sky during your delivery. So a simple way of keeping in mind what they represent, is thinking about them as the characteristics of life. From your directness of Aries to the receptiveness of Pisces, the zodiac symptoms show the characteristics which come through our life.

THE PLANETS & How To Read a Birth Chart Vedic In Astrology

These transient bodies in the sky mirror our transient encounters here on the planet. As they do always, these encounters further form our personality.

What house a world is within shows us where area these encounters of life occur; what signal, which characteristics these encounters are made of. In conditions of our personality, the homes show which regions of life are major areas for all of us; the signals, which characteristics are prominent inside our personality. The simplest way is to take into account planets are as the encounters of life which form our personality.

Let’s Judge Your Horoscope

In general birth chart analysis we want to begin with the most foundational elements first. Quite simply, the most foundational components of your personality and overall life encounters.

You will find four main the different parts of the chart that show this. Your Sunlight, Moon, Ascendant, and the Ascendant’s ruler also called your Graph Ruler.

Essentially we want for the home and sign position of the four components (aside from the Ascendant which only shows the sign, but we’ll reach this later).

LET’S FOCUS ON YOUR Sun’s placement AND MOON’s placement in Horoscope

Both of these elements represent the most fundamental and essential, yang and yin, components of the personal. SUNLIGHT signifies your outwardly concentrated, expressive, and masculine part. As the Moon your inwardly concentrated, reflective, feminine aspect. Collectively these planets constitute the majority of your internal and external personality. Combined with the types of continuing encounters that impact them.

Identify sunlight and Moon in your graph. They may be displayed by these icons here. Once you’ve recognized both your Sun’s house and indication placement, as well as your Moon’s house and indication positioning, use these PDF’s here and here to discover what these fundamental components of your internal and outer personal are about.

Remember that the home placements show the regions of life that are essential for you and are major styles in your daily life. The indication shows the characteristics which come through your personality and life encounters. Your Sunlight representing your outward personal, and Moon inward.

Now let’s Judge Your Lagna

These elements essentially represent how your daily life unfolds, and what shapes your personality as time passes. These are like your Sunlight and Moon, except more specifically the life path and life events which further form your personality. It might seem of the as who you have become, and highly representing you as well as your life in the graph.

Your Ascendant represents the qualities that you are developing consequently of your life experiences. There is an indicator associated with it since it is always from the 1st house.

Your Chart Ruler, on the other hand, is actually the earth that guidelines the indication your Ascendant is within. The house and sign position the Chart Ruler is positioned in represents a more detailed look, at not only what characteristics you are developing, however the part of life as well.

First let’s identify your Ascendant signal. Research the characteristics of the indication using the same PDF we used previously. Remember these are the qualities that come through your overall life encounters and form who you are becoming. These are extremely important qualities to build up in your daily life.


First you got to know what world guidelines the sign your Ascendant is within. Utilize this PDF here to obtain a set of rulers for every of the zodiac indicators. You may notice you have two, in cases like this tag both planets as they’ll be similarly important.

Once you have determined your Chart Ruler locate its house and sign placement, like everyone else did for sunlight and Moon. Utilize the same PDF’s we used previous to recognize what these regions of life and characteristics are that form your personality as time passes. Keep in mind the Graph Ruler essentially represents you in the graph, and what’s being developed.


At this time in your analysis you’ve uncovered the four most fundamental components of the natal graph. Analyzing and understanding these four components only will take into account a huge knowledge of who you are as well as your prominent life encounters. You are able to apply this same process to any person’s graph.

For anybody who wish to take the analysis further, you’ll want to check out the major associations that form between these four components and other planets in the birth chart. They are called aspects. The aspects can either be entirely on in the within of the graph, next to the graph, or both. This is a PDF of what the various aspects mean, for your further evaluation.

After that you can go through the inner planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Then your middle planets: Jupiter and Saturn. Accompanied by the external planets of Uranus and Neptune. As well as the comets: Chiron and Pluto. Examining their residence and indication placements.

Remember that as you move further out to the greater distant planets, the personality characteristics become that more deeply and less apparent. Much as an Onion, where the outer layer of our personality and encounters represent the four main components we covered in this video. Accompanied by the internal planets, middle, then external at the guts of the onion. (Like a part notice, pay particular focus on any planets in the very first house as they’ll have a tendency to come through highly in the personality and encounters.) This is a set of the major planets, it shows what components of the personal, and experience in life, they represent.

With continued practice, focusing mainly on the four major the different parts of the birth graph outlined in this video.. you’ll have the ability to interpret a delivery graph quickly and exactly, in only a matter of minutes.
A in depth and in-depth delivery graph interpretation requires research, instinct, resources and time. The details are essential – even twins could find that some placements can change within a few minutes. That said, you’ll hardly ever find two astrologists who let you know the very same thing, because the world and the cosmos and everything individuals who exist within them are ever-changing and powerful. It’s important to keep in mind, though, these charts are made to provide explanations and options, not absolutes. I’ve discovered that interpreting my graph has led me to a larger sense of self-understanding. Sometimes, it’s given me self-confidence in my own decisions. I’ve managed to get my very own. Astrology should be utilized as an instrument to improve our lives, not dictate them.