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Indian Vedic Sciences and Spirituality

Indian Vedic Sciences and Spirituality

 Indian Vedic Sciences and Spirituality

Indian Vedic Sciences and Spirituality: The human mind is intelligent and perceptive. But….. What happens when we come across information that goes beyond the matter and into the realm of reality that we cannot sense with our five basic senses? This intuition is confirmed by quantum physics and the human race is beginning to acknowledge these non physical realities. All of this has been decoded in our Vedic Literature thousands of years ago.

The Vedas are renowned for their spiritual knowledge.

Superior to that is the realized knowledge of the Vedic Rishis or saints — that which is beyond the objective knowledge of modern science — knowledge of the eternal realm, truth,eternal peace, blissfullness and full knowledge of the cosmos.

It has been known for centuries that the human body has many more abilities than we are normally aware of. The most commonly talked about are the “Shaktis that get activated with inner awakening. As a person advances with deeper exploration of the self in relation to the universe, much deeper knowledge – gyan is gained. A wiser understanding comes about that explains to the the awakened self that what we see all about us, the people, the events the situations, these are all not independent happenings or emotions, but an extension of our own self.

The universe is operating with Gods energy, or we can call it cosmic energy. Our thoughts, our actions, our feelings, our desires, our wants and griefs are all energy. These are projected when they are realised or experienced,  and then they manifest in the outside world, in the form of events and happenings around us. For example : An unrealistically fearful person , may project their fear, and end up in situations that may not have happened to them otherwise, if it wasn’t their fear bringing them to those. It would be their want for security that combines with inner fear that can lead them to investing their trust in a not very promising optimistic situation or person only because they feel not so threatened and not at risk .This in turn can have again a detrimental outcome. So technically, fear, guilt, greed, excessive selfish interests, and ego are traits which can make a person set themself up for failure.

Knowledge of the Vedic Sciences, helps in many ways in life. If something is not going as we would like it to, then we have the ability to look deeper and understand the limitations, the cosmic reasons behind it, think of solutions which are in alignment to the permissible possibilities to fix it. We leverage our spiritual powers to experience greater success, happiness, compassion and purpose in life. However, we must be aware that although we can be granted our wishes by the universe when wanting those passionately, we should be seen as deserving of those by the source of energy.. only then we will be able to enjoy the pleasure of those once they are granted..

The Vedic scriptures have given us abundant information about how the universe works, the theories of the cosmos. The Rig Veda speaks of cosmic order, It is assumed that there exists equivalencies of various kinds between the outer and the inner world. This helps us place in sharp focus paradoxical aspects of analytical knowledge, which contributes to enhancing our spiritual intelligence.

We hear about the yogis of ancient times, that they were able to manifest desires, heal themselves and others and find solutions to complex situations. Their abilities although we may think are supernatural, but reality is that all are made of the same physical constitution. Only difference was that they had achieved a level of enlightenment which guided them into being able to bring out greater abilities from within themselves.

Meditation helps you connect to the cosmic energy. You can connect to the source of power by your own initiative. This takes devotion, sacrifice, determination and continued efforts which can even mean lifestyle changes. Thousands of years ago, there were no phones, yet there is common reference to the skill of telepathy in our scriptures…..

The power of human mind, is that it can connect with anyone anytime, information can be obtained and messages can be transmitted.

The mind or our psyche has the power to even view what is happening at a different place. This is one of the gifts that the spiritual world bestows upon the One who has truly earned it by virtue of their wisdom. “Remote viewing” is defined as the ability of individuals to describe remote geographical locations, or the ability to telepathically connect to other individuals with a view to shed light on future concepts of reality. There is reference to this Shakti in our Vedic literature.

Claircognizance is the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it. The person can gain information about person, object, place or event through intrinsic knowledge, as in it just comes to the persons mind. This is also one of the abilities that the Vedas explain about, in relation to betterment of life and body function.

We are born with inherent technology within us that we need to refine and put to practice in form of spiritual communication, by use of our “Vivek” ie Wisdom that would bring you nearer to God.  Mantra Jaap, meditation, following a Saatvik lifestyle and believing in the power of our source are a few paths to begin with, if we wish to awaken our dormant powers.

In 1995, the CIA declassified and approved the release of some documents that revealed its involvement in a remote viewing programme conducted with Stanford Research institute in California. This research lasted decades and confirmed the high interest and involvement of intelligence community in para psychological phenomenon.

Our world is full of information, the only problem is we don’t always know where to look. Scientific discoveries that are relevant to the human race are not always emphasized. Many types of phenomena which we still deem to be false, have been proven to be a true reality long ago. These realities have far reaching implications, and shedding light on them further confirms new concepts of reality that are yet to receive the attention they deserve in our scientific community. What happens when we come across information that goes beyond matter and into the realm of reality we can’t sense with our eyes, can’t feel with our hands, can’t hear with our ears or can’t smell with our nose? Does it cease to become scientific? Absolutely not, quantum physics has confirmed the non-physical reality in years past, and the human race is beginning to acknowledge these realities in its continual examination of the make-up of our reality.

Most interestingly……Our Indian Vedas already described each of these phenomenon in great details long before…. we even learnt of their existence !

“Spiritual Strength frequently comes through Selfless Service…”