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Permanent Foreign Settlement In Vedic Astrology

Permanent Foreign Settlement In Vedic Astrology

Permanent Foreign Settlement In Vedic Astrology

Question from Baljit Kumar

Date Of Birth:  17/07/1980

Place Of Birth: Sherpur punjab

Time Of Birth: 02:36 AM

Subject:  Career

Message: When he can be settled in uk ?….

Email Id: [email protected]


Moon Chart

Navamsha Chart D9


Hi Baljit Kumar,

Your question is whether you will get settlement abroad.

Looking at your horoscope, you are a TAURUS         lagan person, and you have the lord of your 1st house in its own house. Firstly this is a positive factor as it gives you luck and charm. You are a hardworker, and are quite a persistant person, meaning you try your best even when the situation is against you.

You have the lord of 10th house, Saturn, sitting in 4th house. Usually, Saturn in 4th house will give moves to a foreign land for settlement. This is even more the case when there is a link between the 4th house and 10th house. In your case, the lord of the 4th house is Sun, which is in your 2nd house. But the thing to note is that Saturn is sitting in the nakshatra of the Sun in your 4th house. So therefore this makes a link.

You can also say that the 4th house is afflicted by Saturn, meaning that your house of home land is damaged by a malefic planet, this would also cause you to leave your home country. This is another positive for settlement abroad.

You have Mars in the 5th house, this usually would make you change your ideas many times, you have ideas to do so many things but you start something and then leave it and then start something else. But as we are talking about settlement, I will take Mars to be your 7th house lord which is aspecting your 12th house – this aspect on 12 th house by 7th lord will make you go abroad for work purposes, of your own business.

Thirdly, Rahu and Ketu in 3rd/9th axis, which represents both short and long term travels show that you may have travelled to other places before wanting to come and settle in the UK. I would advise caution on this point also, as there are chances of some matter relating to the laws of the land, and I will not go into too much detail here on this.

If we look at your Moon Chart this also supports settlement abroad with Rahu Ketu in 4th/10th axis- Rahu means foreign and in the 4th house of home it means taking you to a foreign place.

Navamsha chart has Saturn in 10th house and this again supports your settlement abroad.

Overall, my prediction is that you will have settlement in the UK, by 2020, when Mahadasa of Mars is in action, and possibly when Saturn antardasha starts.

Priya Kapil

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