Pranayama and Stem Cells How Rejuvenation Happens

Pranayama and Stem Cells How Rejuvenation Happens

Pranayama and Stem Cells How Rejuvenation Happens: What exactly are Stem Cells?: Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, found throughout your body after embryonic development. They are able to make similar copies of themselves for extended periods of time and increase in numbers by cell division to rejuvenate dying cells and renew – reestablish broken cells for self-renewal and self-healing. The stem cell has extraordinary ability to cure itself. Every time a cells is broken, stem cell are activated to create new cells that will renew – reestablish the broken cells and revitalize the organ. Mostly the stem cells resides within our brain, spinal-cord, our blood vessel, our bone marrow, our peripheral blood, our dental care pulp, our skeletal muscles, our skin, our digestive tract, retina, our cornea and our pancreases.

Pranayama – The Divine Science

Pranayama isn’t just breathing exercise or a way to increase prana in your body. It is a robust approach to creating yogic power in your body. Pranayama creates extra heat in your body, it awakens a few of the centres in the mind and it could also lower the rate of respiration and alter the mind waves. Regular practice of Pranayama and breathing exercises will ensure proper oxygenation for all areas of the body and remedy many other diseases. A Proper oxygenation supports in cleansing the bloodstream and elimination of poisons and toxins from our skin, and from the kidney, helps to tighten the skin too.. Relating to yogic theory there is intimate relation between your breath and the mind and their cyclic actives. When one nostril gets the dominant ventilation the contrary hemisphere of the mind is ruled. Forceful respiration through the more stuffed up nostril awakens the less predominant hemisphere. The circuit of the mind is founded on the Ida and Pingla nadis. Within the spinal-cord there exists a very significant fluid, the cerebrospinal substance, through Pranayama practice awakening takes place in Mooladhar chakra the substance gets excited.When the cerebrospinal liquid transfers through the vertebral column, it modifies the faces of consciousness. The circuitry for the nadis and chakras exists within the central anxious system [CNS], along the spine and in the mind. If we can tap, detox fortify and reconnect these circuits via the Pranayama methods we can entirely transform, our brain/body complex. The full total body/brain complex functions on the energy of three basic energies Ida, Sushumna and pingla. Whenever the Sushumna Nadi is activated, the precise brain cells immediately accelerate the creation of stem cells. Pranayama is a robust technique which activates the Ajna chakra or third vision chakra. The centralized concentrating of prana seems to impact both Nadis concurrently. Ajna chakra or Pineal gland functions as an organiser and controller of most glands. The development is controlled by it of the gland and regulates them accordingly. It finitely controls the appropriate flow of the cerebro- spinal fluid and therefore all the glands and other parts of body become revitalized, healthy, fit and strong. Pranayama stimulates the mind to send the chemical substance transmission to the stem cells located close to the damaged/ diseased cells. The stem cells migrate to the lifeless/broken cells and because of their ability of self-renewing they make new cells and revitalize the broken cells. Thus by Pranayama you can manipulate the stem cells into becoming new cells, and can accelerate health of this organ and revitalize the damaged cells to revere the sickness. While scientists remain searching for the sweetness techniques, theories and drugs to probe the deeper areas of stem cells, Pranayama offers a concise and exact framework through the breath/nadis/chakra system where we can successfully manipulate or energize the stem cells for optimal wellbeing and be rid from major diseases.

Written by Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee

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