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Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings -2

Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings -2

Real Life Case Studies of Tarot Readings

Case Study 2 – Tarot Reading

A lady by the name Helen, (real name withheld) contacted me to ask if the new work that she was in process of starting would bring her success and prosperity. She was keen to know this because she was dedicating a lot of time and effort into getting the necessary pre-requisites done and this was over and above her full time job. She sounded curious and somewhat anxious but at same time she was highly positive about her new passion ie the new project at hand.

A Celtic Cross spread was done for her, which showed

Position 1: Knight of Wands                   


Position 2: 8 of Wands


Position 3: King of Swords


Position 4: Ace of Cups


Position 5: Nine of Wands


Position 6: Three of Pentacles


Position 7: Lovers


Position 8: Eight of Pentacles


Position 9: Ten of Pentacles


Position 10: Sun


Her reference cards were:  Ten of Wands, Emperor, Ace of Pentacles and the Six of Wands


My Interpretation: Positions 1, 2, 3 (Presenting matters or heart of the matter, factors influencing presenting matters, basis of the situation): usually give us the crux of the matter, which in this case were the Knight of Wands, Eight of Wands and the King of Swords. Meaning, an idea, an inspiration came in a flurry, there was an instant decision around it as the energy was extremely fast moving, and she was asked to pick a name for what would be her dream project for next many years in less than 3 minutes. At that time she hardly realised this was for real or had a chance to even think what she was committing herself to!  But hey, this is after all the combined energy of the Knight of Wands and the Eight of Wands.

The Eight of Wands conveys to us that there was swift development, all necessary information was obtained and put into motion once the spontaneous decision was made at the click of a finger. This was done by the gentleman who is represented in our spread as the King of Swords. I described this person’s nature and traits to Helen and she was able to quickly place him; soon as she heard the words strictly disciplined, authoritative, fair minded, very supportive and at times can be insensitive.

Position 4 – Recent Past Tarot Card being the recent past was the Ace of Cups. Meaning, a new beginning, and blessed start had occurred.. This was none other than the beginning of the new project.

Position 5 Frontal Thought Tarot Card being the frontal thoughts, was the Nine of Wands. This tells us that she has been feeling extremely weary due to many other significant changes happening in her life. Putting her ideas to work, doing what it takes was a challenge for Helen, as she was fully tied up with her other responsibilities.

Position 6 Immediate Future Tarot Card being the card for the immediate future, was the three of Pentacles. This means team work would be the theme, she would be well engaged with her team and together they would progress the works involved. There was considerable reading and writing, hence the words documentation, team working, focus on progression and networking made complete sense to her.

Position 7 Emotional Influence Tarot Card showed the Lovers Card. Meaning that choices need to be made, for which Helen would be fully consumed by the new work and her engagement levels would be rather high. This is because the Lovers card arrived in the ‘emotions’ place and for any person have an emotional connection with their work, they really must be that absorbed into it. She confirmed that she was in process of selecting skilled people for certain roles in that project.

At Position 8 Environment Factors Tarot Card would be the card that tells us about what is going on in Helen’s environment, and what is impacting her. In our spread we received the Eight of Pentacles which very obviously indicates that she was burning the midnight candle doing the necessary works. She confirmed she was doing a lot of writing and creative work most evenings till late. This was for  the project that she was asking about in her reading.

Position 9  Hopes and Fears Tarot Card is the place where we find out what her hopes and fears were in relation to this matter. We are being told by the arrival of Ten of Pentacles that her hard work would pay off. Her dream project would take off fully and reach great heights in the times to come; there would be success and good financial reward if she continued with determination. She was much pleased.

Position 10 – Outcome Position card is the final outcome card in the Celtic Cross that tells us overall how things would be. Helen received the Sun card as the outcome to her question! The Sun is the strongest card in the Tarot deck that confirms success, happiness, growth and prosperity with the universe’s blessing. It is a very joyful and reassuaring feel to have the Sun at number 10 position.

She was indeed pleased to hear the outcome, and this filled her with even more determination to get back and complete the pending works on her desk!

Her reference cards –

Ten of Wands showed me that she was feeling constantly fatigued and mentally strained due to the extra hours of work she was putting in.

The Emperor card when described to her, she was able to confirm that it was the same friend who had encouraged her and got things moving before even she was able to realise what was happening. I explained to her that this person would have a distinguished high level of knowledge , that he was a master expert of many  skills and someone whom many people looked up to for support and guidance. Helen was able to relate to this information as this matched with what she knew about her friend’s skills and work profile.

The Ace of Pentacles was great sight in the reference cards, particularly because the reading was based on work related matter. Our Ace of Cups is the one direct card energy that tells us – about great success and prosperity with a new venture.

The last reference card for Helen’s reading was the grand Six of Wands, which best describes jubilant success, and victory after many battles. The card conveys that recognition and respect is gained after a period of hard work, dedication pays off in a big way and there shall be a feeling of triumph. Helen was overjoyed to hear that her work would be appreciated. She felt her tarot reading gave her a lot to go away with, she felt more motivated once she knew that she was making efforts in the right direction. She was able to infuse her positive enthusiasm into other team members and carried on doing her work with a greater positive energy.

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