Real Life Case Studies Of Tarot Readings -1

Real Life Case Studies Of Tarot Readings

Case Study 1

A lady named ‘Jane’ the name withheld contacted me to ask if she would hear from her lover and if their relation is over or still on. She was uncertain about the future, as they had a nasty row after which all communication broke down. She sounded rather distressed and reported feeling helpless. A Celtic Cross spread for her showed

Position 1: Tower                        

Position 2: 5 of wands

Position 3: King of pentacles

Position 4: 5 of cups

Position 5: Queen of pentacles

Position 6: Page of cups

Position 7: Ace of cups

Position 8: Two of cups

Position 9:  5 of swords

Position 10:10 of cups

Her reference cards were: Death, Three of swords, Eight of swords, Temperance and Sun


My Interpretation:  Positions 1, 2, 3 usually give us the crux of the matter, which in this case was the tower, 5 of wands and king of pentacles. Meaning, a situation had fallen apart which was already weakened due to other factors, the trigger, this time, was an argument with the man, who was depicted as somewhat self-centered and strong minded.

Position 4 being the recent past, was the Five of Cups. Meaning she has been in depression lately.

Position 5 being the frontal thoughts, was the Queen of Pentacles. Meaning, she had thoughts about a lady figure, she feared her involvement. I went on to ask if this was the case, and once this was affirmed, I described the person as someone who is controlling, manages others and authority is her main trait. Querent X confirmed to me that she has placed the person already.

Further, position 6 showed the page of cups, i.e. a favourable message expected from their lover in the immediate future.

Position 7 showed the ace of cups, i.e. a new beginning emotionally with them.

Position 8 showed two of cups in the environment position, which meant that they would soon reunite as a couple after the contact.

Position 9 showed 5 of swords in the hopes and fears position. She was advised to be careful of external interference which can lead to the similar situation. The lady was able to understand this, as the earlier description of the queen of pentacles given to her, was the main factor of interference that caused the row between the couple.

Position 10 showed Ten of Cups which means they would reunite and be together as a happy couple, as long as she kept the external interference away.


My reference cards confirmed the above, Death being a major change in the circumstances, Three of Swords depicting the heartache, Eight of swords showing the lady needed to remove the blindfold and acknowledge that the reasons for conflict are not beyond her control, Temperance indicated moderation and relief to both parties, and the overall relation outcome was The Sun card, which is the strongest blessing card in the Tarot deck.


Querent X was delighted with the outcome, she was able to place the person described, she acknowledged that the nature of row was owing to a third party involvement and that she feared whether they would again have the capability to impact her relation, which was confirmed.

She left feeling much relieved about her reunion, excited about her lover’s upcoming contact and was able to plan that next time her mother in law acts funny, she would overlook that behaviour for the growth and safety of her own relation.

Written by Veni Mehta

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