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Saturn In Astrology – Love, Career, Marriage & Remedies

Saturn In Astrology – Love, Career, Marriage & Remedies

Saturn In Astrology

Love, Career, Marriage & Remedies

Saturn In Astrology: Saturn is a very slow and cold planet, and this actually represents the saturnine nature too, bestowing a type of cold, reserved, slow and stern quality nature.

Some of the things Saturn represents are:

Lessons, restrictions, discipline, slow nature, difficulties, suffering, hard work, fairness/justice, Old people, chronic disease, laboured work force, servants, miners, iron, legs, calfs, dirty places, places where sick people are kept, insect infected places, west direction



Saturn you’re so shy….

Saturnine people are generally quite cautious and reserved. They like the safety net of staying within a structure and discipline orientated way of life. They are also quite clever as they have the ability to judge things from the onset and assess a situation from every angle before they carefully make any decisions. This makes them good decision makers.


Good Saturn…

When Saturn is positive and placed in the 1st house, it makes the person achieve their goals but slowly, but it has a way of taking the person to high places and well known. Infact this is true if it is placed positively in any of the Kendra houses.


Kendra Saturn…

Kendra house Saturn when favourable, also makes the person diplomatic and able to talk calmly. Observation skills are also strong, and they can have a kind nature, and be attractive/magnetic in groups.

A dominant Saturn in 1st house can give an elongated jaw, so the person has a long side bone structure leading to the chin. A stern or serious look.

Moon with Saturn makes a person shy and an introvert, whereas Venus with Saturn can either make the person a secret flirt or someone who is completely opposite and very withdrawn in pursuing the opposite sex.


Negative Saturn…

A badly placed Saturn or one that is afflicted can cause a person to be overly sensitive and depressed in their everyday outlook. They can appear to be feeling tired, drained or pressured all the time, and may not cope with situations very well, as Saturn can make them very negative unless there are other positive aspects.

Saturn with malefic in 1st house can make the individual talk harshly and not think about the implications of their actions. It can also make one bossy and have a dictator style. This is also true of debilitated Saturn in birthchart.



Saturn in Love Romance 5th house…

Saturn in 5th house causes a person to have a subconscious fear of rejection or not being good enough to have love. There would seem to be hurdles in getting into relationships and it is not smooth sailing to enter into love. But this is mostly due to the mindset of the person, and the negative thinking. They tend to have a serious outlook on love and need discipline, and almost a mature partner.

5th house Saturn in house of romance, makes the person feel unappreciated or that the love they are getting is not the type they wanted, it’s not enough, they feel emotionally restricted and they therefore don’t show their emotions, which can make them come across to their partner as cold and not bothered. They want to be popular and attractive to everyone, but their own restrictions make them withdrawn and quiet, which can then frustrate them.


Saturn in Marriage ..7th house Saturn…

When Saturn is placed in 7th house, it generally shows a delay in marriage as Saturn is the slow planet. It also can show that there will be a big age difference between the partners between 3-10 years difference is possible, as Saturn represents elder age. It can also show a partner from a different background, be it caste, culture, colour, country. The point here is that it shows ‘different’ from you.

Saturn in 7th badly placed with malefic influence can indicate a disturbed marriage life and divorce/separation in the unfavourable dashas or transits.

Saturn with relation to marriage shows the responsibilities a person has, what lessons they have to learn to be successful. After all, it is the planet of lessons, learning’s and karma.



Saturn In Career Astrology: Saturn gives professions relating to metal dealers, industrialists, leather, mines, civil servants, building cement/concrete, land, scientists, medicine, iron dealer, car mechanic.


Saturn in 10th house…

It depends a lot on the condition of the Saturn in a chart. A highly placed Saturn in good condition in 10th can give leadership abilities and the rise in an organisation, as the person will have good managerial and organisational skills, along with the patience to listen to people and take calculated decisions. A badly placed Saturn can make a person work for others but without much credit for what they do, and they would be roles of service doing work for others.

It is seen that being fair and kind to those who work under you, enhances the good qualities of Saturn in a chart, whereas being a mean, dictator type personality will damage your Saturn.


Saturn & delays, struggles in career…

Saturn does give success, but often it is with a lot of hard work and delay, unless it is in exceptionally good condition and exalted. Saturn gives struggles, and many times when transiting through the 10th or via aspect, it can cause issues at the current place of work, causing either a big change to the role, change in location or termination of employment. And then it becomes hard to look for a new job in this type of transit. Sometimes work can become more of a burden with increased responsibilities which stress or depress the person if they can’t cope.  The thing with Saturn is that it is about teaching and refining a person, so it takes you out of your comfort zone of what a person is used to and puts them in new situations forcing them to learn and act their karma.

In dashas of Saturn, the career is almost always impacted even if there is no direct correlation of Saturn with the 10th house. This is because Saturn will affect almost all areas of life, financial and personal, so automatically the career is affected. Especially in sade sati and dhaiya periods. Also this is more so as Saturn is the karaka for the 10th house.


Saturn with Mars, Mercury, Rahu and career professions…

Saturn’s role in profession is quite affected by the planets that it sits with or is aspected by. Saturn in 10th  with Mars can show a likely hood towards medicine specialising as a surgeon. If there is the impact of ketu, this indicates animals, so vetinary medicine becomes a possibility. This needs to also be analysed via 4th 5th houses to see the study route, because it is also possible for Saturn and mars combo to indicate a career as a hairdresser where it is well known that Saturn represents hair, and mars the weapon- scissors.

Sat Mars also indicates engineering, and real estate of old properties

Sat Merc can show path of teaching or engineering

Sat Rah, can show research, study of hidden things, often cancer specialists or the like have these combinations.



Saturn rules skin, colon, intestines, teeth, joints, bones, hair, white blood cells, nerves

Saturn and illness…

Saturn’s nature is said to be constricting, obstructing, hardening, reducing and suppressing. Therefore many of the illnesses that come about as a result of a negative Saturn arise due to these descriptions.

The sign where a malefic Saturn is placed can indicate the area to which an illness might occur, and the timing of the start of an illness is usually in the dasha of Saturn or the planet it is in aspect with, or sade sati, dhaiya or transit over 6th, 8th , 12th houses.


Saturn and leg pain, Saturn bad digestion

Saturn in 11th house gives leg pain of some sort, being opposite the 5th house of back, it can indicate sciatica pain caused by pressure on the nerves in the back.

Being known for its slow speed, Saturn in 5th disrupts the digestion process by slowing it down and can also inhibit some of the natural enzymes and acids that are needed to digest food. People with 5th Saturn often suffer from gastric problems and acidity. This can become quite chronic and give stress and the inability to eat food properly for a long time.


Saturn and bone fractures..

Saturn transiting 12th house or in association with lord of the 12th gives problems with the feet. Fractures of bones are possible as are problems with the muscle /ligaments. If Saturn is not so badly placed then a minor sprain or twist can occur in the period concerned.


Saturn and mental health..

Saturn influence on mercury can prove more damaging if there is no adequate support system around for the person. In very negative cases, mental breakdown due to extreme stress and anxiety can result.

Saturn moon association again causes depression, and if it is in the 2nd , 3rd or 4th house it can cause bronchitis, asthma, chest infections. Retrograde Saturn periods see the flare up of these conditions.

Saturn Venus afflictions can cause the reduction in moisture of the skin causing extremely dry skin, eczema, or acne.

Other conditions related to Saturn include rheumatism, arthritis, stones, gas, body pain.



  • Recite Beej mantra:

Om Pram Preem Proum sah Shanaischaraya Namah

  • Recite Shani mantra


Om Shanaischaraya Namah


  • Worship lord Hanuman ji
  • Offer feed to fishes
  • Donate items relating to Saturn, sesame oil, black cloths, iron nails, black dal


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