Saturn Rahu Conjunction – Research Based

Saturn Rahu Conjunction – Research Based

Looking back at June 2013

Remember Saturn & Rahu Conjunction in Libra 

Back in 2013, we saw the conjunction of Saturn & Rahu in Libra, and  I just wanted to write something about the havoc  that the transit planets were playing in those months, the conjunction of these two cruel grahas is very interesting and it comes about not so often so I spent some time analysing the events that happened back in this period, and want to share my analysis.

Saturn & Rahu Conjunction – its tough!

We had Rahu & Saturn both in Libra, which actually proved to be quite a tough association for many people that time. Jupiter had been sharing the platform with a few other planets in Taurus, and Ketu had been in Aries for a majority of the time. A lot of energy around, and alongside all the worldy affairs and climatic disasters, it has generally left a feel of negativity. Rahu and Saturn combination is a frustrating duo. It can give material benefits if placed in the correct house but it definitely brings a lot of frustration and anxiety on an emotional level.

…it’s a karmic period

I have seen that this particular transit had been even tougher since start of April 2013 and I am sure many of you may have seen things in your own lives being affected since then, feelings of having no control on situations, events arising themselves out of no where leaving people feeling unsettled and weak. Its almost as if karma was taking its course during this period. Things which we feel we are helpless to influence, were just overtaking – i think many of us tried fighting these ‘events’ over the first half of 2013 but were left frustrated that whatever we do, things  just were happening to their own accord – is this a karmic period ? Well i think yes, Rahu Saturn combo doesnt happen that often – and teamed up with the eclipses that had been taking place with both of these planets – also at the time when Mars had been with Ketu adding more fire at the same time – With no Help or aspect from Jupiter — there was a real hard force being felt. I think its especially more karmic because of the fact that everything was caught up between rahu ketu in the kal sarp yog for much of the time – yes moon does break it every half month when it is outside of this yog, but generally all the other planets are hemmed in.

Saturn Retrograde …a fight for justice

Saturn being retrograde was therefore even stronger, but whose stronger Rahu or Saturn, are they fighting each other to come out tops – in doing so are they each damaging the significations of whatever they represent in the chart?

In my opinion the signs that are in this KS yog are the ones that are feeling this struggle more so – thus being Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo and Libra at the time- to the higher extent. Less so, Scorpio, Saggi, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are probably not as caught up in things and they may not have been feeling anything of an overly frustrating nature – but will depend on individual charts ofcourse.

Saturn is the planet of sorrows and also….Justice………Karmic theme coming up again. Rahu is an illusionary planet – creating its own doubts and insecurities. I think to some extent my interpretation will go as far as saying that whatever the situation is when these two planets conjunct , is that we need to keep ourselves practical and logical and keep checking that we are not making it seem worse than it is – ie through our own creation of mind, imagination, thinking that something is worse than it is – or we should not create a scenario in our minds that we cannot do anything about how we act in response to something – we should not feel that we are out of control – Remember Rahu may be wanting us to feel this way- illusions. We need to strengthen our Moon (Mind) to be Logical and practical always. Remember whatever life throws at you, you ultimately have the power to deal with it provided that you separate out the facts from the emotions. Its not always easy….but its not impossible either.

But what about Saturn & Rahu conjunction being in Libra…whats out of balance?

And whats to say about the fact that this heavy combo happened in libra –the sign of Venus, 7th house of the natural zodiac? While its a very general statement, I will still say it- the ascendents that lie between the rahu ketu kal sarp axis have probably been suffering from relationship issues the whole time, whether thats in regards to legal actions, marital disturbances, or separation for whatever reason there is likely to be some negative influence in relationships. If one of the partners is outside this KS axis then perhaps its not a serious event, perhaps. In my research i have also noticed that womens menstruals have probably been disturbed at some point during the transit, and any people suffering from hormonal issues may well have seen flare ups of any underlying conditions- why- as rahu will cause sudden reactions – and these disturbances are happening in the house of venus – representing skin, reproductive system, and also urinary related issues.

How many of you have been had toothache during the transit..i will let you figure out how teeth are related here.

So all in all, rahu and Saturn together created a heavy atmosphere.

Help! Jupiter gives Positive Healing

 However luckily the saving grace Jupiter was shining its light on moving  into Gemini. For those who know what Im talking about, there will have been a slight relief felt since that happened. Some light was seen, directions clearer, control started coming back. Yes , Jupiter  moved into Gemini, and  throwing its fifth aspect onto Libra, onto Rahu and Saturn. It had a calming affect on the energies and trying to be the benefic saviour that it is. I do believe that things that had started causing major frustrations and after this Jupiter move many people started feeling better – and most of this was due to a change in mindset – feeling stronger about ourselves…and i believe this is also karmically the reason. Lessons that we were meant to go through may have changed us inside subconsciously but we move on stronger and be on the path that we need to be on.

Written by Priya Kapil

Vedic astrologer, specialising in detailed horoscope analysis,love & marriage compatibility matching, career, finances, annual and longterm predictions, using traditional remedies


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