Seven Of Cups In Tarot Reading – Love, Career & Finance

Seven Of Cups In Tarot Reading

Love, Career & Finance

Seven of Cups in Tarot: Now that the carefree wonders of the Six of Cups have played their magic, the heart has been cared for and nourished back to life. The soul is once again uplifted and looking for new sources of love, joy, happiness, pleasure and contentment. The Seven of Cups depicts exactly this. It talks about new opportunities after a recovery phase that can bring satisfaction of emotions.

There are Seven cups in the picture, which represent various elements of nature that are indicative of joy and progressive energy in one way or another. The elements are flame, breeze, stars, rainbows, bubbles, green leaves and the white pigeon. Just like in the Six of Cups, there is nature all about and the significance of this theme is that nature is putting forward newer opportunities that will bring emotional happiness. There is a reason to build castles in the air, dream of new achievements as there will be an array of choices. These can materialise provided there is a strong will in the mind of the individual to make a concrete effort. It is a positive energy that has much to offer when it comes in any spread.

The arrival of Seven of Cups also makes us think about soul searching, it is time to self reflect and know yourself again. There is enlightenment, meditation is necessary to tap into realisation of what is most ideal out of the multiple choices that are presented. At the time when this card energy shows up, there would be some disorganisation in the person’s life in the area that is being asked about. It is quite possible that there has been some emotional disappointment in the past, and hence nature is now putting forth newer horizons. There can be confusion due to external influences impacting decision making, therefore the person has to carefully look within their soul to establish what it is that they want instead of getting overwhelmed by the array of choices. Keeping emotional needs in mind is important.


Seven of Cups in a Love/ Relationship Reading

There is more than one choice when it comes to romance / relationship in the future or in the surrounding environment. Each opportunity has abundant emotional comfort to offer, however it is necessary to know what it takes to keep you content. Each person can have different emotional needs, and a different perception of happiness. The Seven of Cups say that nature is going to show choices, but be prepared firstly by knowing what you want, so that when those opportunities arrive suddenly altogether, you are not overwhelmed, and don’t get confused. Spiritual advice given by the Seven of Cups is that you should prepare yourself with thorough self analysis so that you are able to confidently zero in on the right choice for yourself.


Seven of Cups in a Career Reading

The person would have many work opportunities at one time. There will be choices to be made. They would be unhappy or not fully satisfied in the existing workplace. Emotional dissatisfaction could be resulting from any angle, but it would have been ongoing. After a long phase of coping they would decide to leave, and just then several offers may come. It is important to carefully determine all factors surrounding a new choice so as to ensure emotional happiness. Seven of Cups also means that the new opportunity that the person has taken up, or is in process of taking has a lot to offer in terms of work designation, satisfaction at work, preferred choice of work location, good potential to progress, and development support.                                  


Seven of Cups in a Finance Reading

Seven of cups finances:There is a plenty of money to be made! You will have many choices all of which lead to better financial stability and in turn emotional happiness, whichever you may choose. If the question is about investment returns, then the Seven of Cups gives a loud message — wherever you put your money it will grow! It can also mean that out of the blue the person may encounter an opportunity to marry someone who is extremely rich.


Seven of Cups in Health Reading

It is good news when you see the Seven of Cups in a spread that has been fixed for a health question. There will be improved health, leading to a better emotional and mental state. The person will recover and enjoy all joys of life. It also means that there will be many avenues where treatment can be explored and the best choice has to be made by the individual. Overall outcome is a positive one.


Seven of Cups Yes or No

In a reading where a Yes or No Answer is being sought, and the Seven of Cups appears in the outcome position, the Answer is Yes ……..Emotional happiness is being offered by the Universe. There is plenty of opportunity and potential choices; it is only a case of knowing what it is that can keep you going so that you can make a wise choice.

Written by Veni Mehta

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