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Six Of Cups In Tarot Reading – Love, Career & Finance

Six Of Cups In Tarot Reading – Love, Career & Finance

Six Of Cups In Tarot Reading

Love, Career, Finance & Health

Six of cups tarot card meaning: The scene of Six of Cups evolves after the person has been through the lows of Five of Cups. Sense of loss and despair is being replaced by a naturally occurring carefree disconnection to all that was holding the person down. There is detachment from worldly obligations, as much that all day to day responsibilities of adulthood are almost forgotten for some time. As healing takes place the urge to be emotionally happy begins to return, there is a wish to once again re live childhood carefree joys. The person finds solace in living in that happy bubble all about them. Mature emotional responses have been forgotten, life commitments appear to have taken a back seat. A carefree approach where only fun and happiness is flowing prevails in the Six of Cups. The wild, carefree, happy energy that is present in the atmosphere of Six of Cups is a wonderful blessing, because it revives the grief stricken soul back into life, Once again the soul picks up energy and bounces into life like a colourful balloon. The theme of Six of Cups is one that represents childhood play, childlike wonder, glorious dreams, and naïve creativity. There is a brand new revived energy; bringing in excitement bit by bit.

The illustration on the card shows two children playing in the garden, far away from the hustle bustle of life. They appear to have filled their Six Cups with flowers, leaves and mud, almost everything that attracted them. There is no other person, only a cat and a rabbit, nature and innocent pleasure is all about them, and they look so blissfully content with all they have. The message that this nature filled illustration is trying to convey is that the person is in their natural comfort zone; that there is no burden of being formal, being perfect or adhering to social norms. There is no stress, no worry evident on the faces of persons shown; instead they look all set to explore the world around them with a very fresh fascination.

The nostalgic Six of Cups has reference to old memories and old joys, feelings of the past are reminisced. This is because after times of great loss, most of us find solace in the company of those we have known the longest. We begin to return to familiar places where we have some secure attachment. The heart craves for security, considering it has already coped with a lot of change for the moment. Once in the company of long known friends, the heartbroken person finds their comfort zone and feels at ease. They feel sure that they will be loved and cared for which helps them return to their natural warm self.

Six of Cups in a Love Tarot Reading

Reconnection with an old friend, or an ex partner is the first message that comes to mind on seeing the Six of Cups. Contact would be received from someone with whom there was emotional attachment in the past. There is a feeling of nostalgia. This can indicate a possibility of meeting, sharing warm feelings, enjoying a good time together, regardless of what the circumstances were at time when they parted. It indicates a blissful, playful state where happiness, sharing and mutual enjoyment is the theme, and there is innocent childlike pleasure. All matters causing stress, all upsets, all grievances have been forgotten, says the arrival of the Six of Cups.

Six of Cups in Career Reading

There is possibility of meeting old colleagues or known persons. There is possibility of going back in to an old work place where there are many memories attached. There is also the possibility of feeling extremely content, which would be in the case that a person lands a role which they dreamt of for a long time, and everything about this role is the best that it can be, money, position, office space, colleagues, nature of work etc such that the person feels a childlike excitement inside when they think of their work. The feeling can be described as – “over the moon” and “blissfully satisfied”.

Six of Cups in Finances

The energy of this card would bring a sense of amazing thrill, an unparalleled joy if it were to arrive in the outcome position. In other places it can relate that the monies have been owed since some time and they would show up. It is important here to note that the meaning would change depending on the combinations, surrounding cards, location on the spread, and what exactly the question was. Tarot readings cannot be interpreted by simply knowing the meaning of a card, there has to be a strong intuition guiding in the background to understand, link, interpret and then convey the message.


Six of Cups in Health

There are ongoing issues with regards to health. These could be either from childhood time, hereditary conditions, or an exacerbation of an existing condition. The matter will need assistance from others (medical team, family and friends support) to be dealt with, appropriately. Six of Cups in health matter, when occurring anywhere in positions 1-9 gives no indication on the outcome; it is the card energy in the outcome position that will guide us on what the outcome can be, just as in case with any other spread. Of course if Six of cups has arrived in the outcome position, and the if persons question was “ Will I be fine” then the straight forward meaning would be a happy Yes. Again, it is important to remember that no outcome is set in stone, it is the free will of the individual that holds greater power, if one does not take action to control the problem then it can escalate. Visit to the doctor should not postponed, on basis of psychic reading outcomes.


Six of Cups Yes Or No

In a reading where Yes or No answers are being sought, the Six of Cups conveys a “Yes” on a very Happy note. If the Yes or No is related to a love or relationship question, then be assured that you are talking about a soul mate connection….!

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