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Tag: Career And D10 Chart

How To Judge/ Predict Career In Vedic Astrology

How To Judge/ Predict Career In Vedic Astrology

How To Judge/Predict Career In Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Career Analysis – Basic

Career & 10th house Vedic astrology: If we talk astrology, the 10th house is allocated the ‘slot’ for looking at career as a start point in general terms. There are also many other significations for the 10th house, such as father figure, reputation outside, success in business, knees, joints and so on, and career is also one of the main significations.

The 10th house is also known as the Karma house (of doing), but is an Artha house – this means the house by which you can gain the resources needed to fulfil your Dharma.

Your nature in the workplace

(How To Judge Career In Vedic Astrology)

Planets in this house give a good indication of what your nature is likely to be in the place of work. I have seen, for example, that people who have Rahu in the 10th house are extremely dominant and bossy at work, especially if they are in a position of authority or management. They don’t give any mercy when asking subordinates to do what they have asked, yet the same individual at home can be completely undemanding of family.

Similarly, the planets can highlight the environment or type of situations you might encounter in the workplace. The same Rahu in 10th for someone, who for example, is not a manager, can show that the person, in fact, is a victim of the wrath of their superiors – depending on timings of favourable / unfavourable gochar transits and maha/antar dashas.

A person’s career/work going well on a day to day basis can start to slowly get affected by any planet. For example, Saturn in transit, moving into, or aspecting the 10th. Now depending on whether Saturn is a functional benefic or malefic in the chart, the result will be seen. However, in my opinion, even if a planet like Saturn is a functional benefic, it can still bring an element of negativity, strain – if it a natural cruel graha.  This could be in a situation such as, if Saturn is placed well, and person receives a promotion at work, but this is followed on by giving the individual a very hard, and strained few months because of the extra responsibility/ workload, thus causing a struggle – but for a positive reason.

So, we can summarise the above points in the statement that, planets in or in aspect to the 10th house will naturally affect the career of a person including those in the natal chart aswell as those in transit.

But is it just the 10th that represents the career, and indeed what type of career the person has…No there are other factors in the chart.

Study in birth chart, planets in 4th , 5th houses

(How To Predict Career In Vedic Astrology)

This brings me to a person’s education background and the skills they have learnt to carry out the tasks associated with the 10th house.

A career requiring a strong education, for example, a Doctor, will require the planning of education in their field long before the person actually starts that career.

The 5th house and 4th house are important in this respect. This is because the 4th house is the mind and a certain mindset is needed to think consciously about what we want to do. The 5th house is education, our creative thought and …..In my belief….it somewhat represents our ancestral energy..bloodline….thoughts from previous past lives….skills accumulation from the past that we carry into this lifetime- subconsciously. Subconsciously, these elements do have an impact on where our natural creative energies and thoughts manifest and lie, and indeed our family influence.  Family influence being where our elders, parents, siblings encourage us in a particular direction or field at an early age..my son /daughter will be a doctor, teacher etc.

Another point with the 5th house and previous heritage being where someone naturally has a talent in the same fields as their ancestors, for example in carpentry, technical fields as a result of it being in their blood , in the genes so to speak.  So 5th house has many significations on where we place our learning and creative energies as a foundation for a career.

Glance At Dasamsa In Career Analysis 

Career And D10 Chart

In respect of divisional charts, the Dasamsa chart, or D10, is the fragmented version of a chart to hone in on, with more detail on what a person goes into and does in terms of a career. This chart should be used in conjunction with the main chart to deduce the career.

Here we need to see the significations of each planet, its aspects if they are functional benefic/malefic, and also their respective strengths and weaknesses – to help us predict not only the profession but also the quality of the job and career in this lifetime.

What I would say is important in trying to analyse the Dasamsa, is learning the significations of the planets and what they represent as a start point, and this together with the interpretation of the main chart 10th house, 4th and 5th house, will start painting a pretty good picture of what type of, and quality of career a person will undertake.