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Tag: Five Of Cups In Career Reading

Five Of Cups In Love, Career & Health Reading

Five Of Cups In Love, Career & Health Reading

Five Of Cups In Love, Career & Health Reading

Five Of Cups In Love, Career & Health Reading: The gloomy phase of extended anticipation, unfulfilled desires and long periods of emptiness has now taken the form of despair; and a sense of deep loss is being experienced. The person feels a transit of emotional disappointment, there is extreme grief and sadness over the loss of what was wished to be experienced or what has been lost after the experience. The illustration on the card shows a person kneeling on the ground, with their head low. Surrounding them are 3 cups overturned with their contents spilt, and 2 cups standing upright. The message being conveyed is that, despite the loss due to the spilling of three cups, we have the standing cups that give reason to have hope. The situation is very bad, but all is not lost. There is potential to revive, things will get moving again after the grieving process. The loss may not be reversed, but the energy of the two upright cups will grow and take over once the tears have dried up. The situation is extremely painful, there is despair. When there is a deep emotional attachment to plans that did not come to fruition as expected, there is regret. It is, however, important to keep the focus on the positive message, that this is not the end of the world.

Even though the Five of Cups depicts grief, we should remember the fact that this feeling will be overcome with time. Spiritual advice connected with this card is that the person affected should try and get out of this situation, they must take active control. It is a vicious cycle, which if not tackled head on with intelligence and deliberation, can lead to further depression, again having undesired repercussions. The person should identify a matter or a project that they always felt passionate about, and allow their creative energy to flow in that direction. Creative energy gains momentum with deeper passion and indulgence. They must then concentrate all their energy on that project. New goals ought to be created, and thoughts are formed on how those can be accomplished. This will fill the individual with a surge of strong new positive flowing energy that will enable them to gather their trauma struck scattered weakened energy and move on swiftly with lesser duration and intensity of suffering.

Five of cups in a love


Five Of Cups In Relationship Reading

Sorrow is the theme.. one of the lovers or person involved has been badly hurt, there is a sense of deep loss and a worry over how this will be ever overcome. The pain is fresh, the injury feels acute. This card shows up around painful situations with regard to relations. It talks about breaking up of a relationship, grieving and hurt, sorrow, going through a setback, or just saying last goodbyes.

Five Of Cups In A Health Reading

Means that there is some concern that will bring about sadness. However, do not take it for granted that five of cups in a health reading means a bad diagnosis always. It can also just mean that there is a problem that will give quite a lot of discomfort, not necessarily this is a life threatening condition.

Five Of Cups In Career Reading

The message again is one that gives a feel of sadness, loss and dissatisfaction. If the question is about securing a new job, and this card shows up as the outcome, then the prediction is very straight word “No”. If the question asked is around the success potential of a business venture, or the result of an examination , and the five of cups shows up in the outcome position or environment, then again it is fairly easy to interpret that there will be some sadness. As always, care regarding the position of a card should be taken when reading a spread, simply having five of cups in the environment or immediate future does not necessarily mean that the answer to the question will be a negative one. Neither does it imply as a rule of thumb that it will be positive. The message obtained from how the cards to link with one another, the messages from the surrounding cards, cross checking of the cards that give validation about the basis if the situation all has to be looked at carefully. This is applicable for all readings with tarot.