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Tag: Four Of Cups In A Relationship Reading

Four of Cups In Love And Career Reading

Four of Cups In Love And Career Reading

Four of Cups In Love And Career Reading

Four of Cups In Love & Career Reading: After every day comes a dark night, and just like that once the celebrations of the Three of cups have ended and the jubilant crowd have returned to their homes, there comes a time of quietness, emptiness, and anticipation of when it will all happen again. It is human nature to be always wishing for more and to never be satisfied with what is in hand, hence the person shown in the picture appears to be least bothered about his three golden upright cups, but is staring into emptiness… hopeful of something more. There are silence and stillness all about him. The Four of Cups conveys to our messages of apathy, self-introspection and disengagement with surroundings. The picture on this card shows a person leaning against a tree, he looks tired and sad, staring at the cloudy sky, visualising a golden cup being offered by a hand from the universe, which pours out heavenly nectar. The image has a rather slow gloomy feel.

Four Of Cups In A Love Reading


Four Of Cups In A Relationship Reading

when this card shows up in the future position of a love/ relationship reading, it means that the person being asked about is going through a phase where they are experiencing emptiness and anticipation. There can be some loss of emotional balance; there is a sense of distancing oneself from surroundings in pursuit of that one emotional desire that means the world to him/ her. The person may be stuck emotionally. It represents a period of waiting where one would pause to reflect what really matters to the heart. It speaks of self-absorption, very little or no interest in the environment due to total concentration on own feelings. Any reason that causes loss of hope can be very depressing for the person. They have all their energy centred around that one goal which means everything to them. If they use this time wisely to focus on their personal well-being, they would achieve positive results from self-reflection and be able to restore emotional balance by themselves; either by greater effort or by going with the flow or by changes of direction. There isn’t one way better than the other, it is up to the individual to decide what is best for them now that they have arrived in the state of Four of Cups.

Four Of Cups In A Career Reading

can be any of below-listed meanings depending on the information conveyed by the surrounding cards and in relevance to the question. Lack of satisfaction, boredom, less motivation or lack of incentive. A long wait for that desired success, not feeling rewarded adequately, not making much of an effort, or a feel of never ending wait for recognition and promotion.

General Advice relating to Four of Cups

No situation is imposed by the universe, it is the person’s thoughts that manifest and create realities about them, so if the thoughts are of a frustrated, unfulfilled emotional and mental state, then that becomes reality. If the situation is draining their energy and not just a matter of putting more effort and time, then querent may be advised that they need to reorganise their thoughts and execute well-planned actions in order to step out of this situation. If the four of cups has shown in a situation where the person feels constantly drained of energy, then the person should make a huge visible effort to physically step out of that situation first of all, and then fill the mind with new visions which are fulfilling, full of enthusiasm and emotionally satisfying. In other words, see yourself in a happy place and you will find yourself in that happy place soon. See yourself in a stale scenario, and you shall remain in that for a long time. Free will is a very powerful