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Tag: Jupiter In Medical Astrology

Jupiter In Vedic Astrology – Horoscope

Jupiter In Vedic Astrology – Horoscope

Jupiter In Vedic Astrology - Horoscope

Jupiter In Vedic Astrology – Horoscope

Nature Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

JUPITER – The wonderful Benefic …..is it?! Jupiter is the planet of all good things when placed favourably in the native’s birth chart. It is graceful, pure, kind and full of benevolence. It is the largest planet in the solar system, and it is no surprise, that it represents ‘big’ things and expansion.

Jupiter is associated with good luck and blessings from the higher power, he is pious and wise. Jupiter is also known as Guru – and is exactly that, a teacher, philosopher and counsellor to all. A person with a prominent, well placed Jupiter is, therefore, learned and intellectual according to Vedic Astrology. They will always act as if they know it all and that their opinion is the best solution – and it often is.

Om Guruaye Namah

Our Guru guides us and therefore represents our inner conscious, morals and ethics that keep us on a good path throughout life. This is also partly why Jupiter is the karaka for the 9th house of dharma.

Jupiter also known as Dev Brahaspatti rules the day of Thursday, and its colour is yellow. The items used to pacify Guru are Gram flour, turmeric, Gur, Chana Dal, Ladoos, Besan sweets, yellow clothing. The gemstone is Yellow Sapphire, which should be a natural stone, untreated, and unheated.

Jupiter In Medical Astrology

In Medicinal astrology, Jupiter shows whether we will benefit from a medicine, healing the sick. In the body, Jupiter represents the liver, fat, ears, hips & thighs. As it is the planet of growth and expansion, a badly placed Jupiter can show the growth of a tumour or enlarged organs. It causes Jaundice, not surprisingly bringing a yellow colour that it is representative of.

A Jupiter which is afflicted and has an aspect on or in the 3rd, 11th houses can show ear problems in an individual and similarly, cause congestion, cough & colds or other respiratory issues when negatively influencing the 3rd or 4th house.

Jupiter…It’s a Healer….

However, the positive influence of Jupiter on these houses can mean that any problems are also easily healed and recovered, or that any therapy received is beneficial and giving an improvement to the condition.

Career & Study With Jupiter

Professionally speaking, Jupiter being the karaka for the 5th house also represents education and creativity, children. Hence the Jupiterian careers are,  in the most general sense related to finance, law, religion, counselling and guiding – this can be in the form of advisors such as accountants, teachers (guru), lawyers (advisors). The 5th being house of speculation also means Jupiter has the luck boosting properties that it lends to this house, hence giving a possible leaning towards luck in stocks/shares  – banking career.

Jupiter And Love & Marriage

Another area Jupiter is a karaka of is, Husband. In a female’s chart, the Jupiter represents the other half. So it is useful to see the condition of the Jupiter when analysing marriage also. A favourable aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house can indicate a love marriage when looked in combination with other factors, and a good aspect on the 7th house can indicate a blessing of being happy and content – or at least a positive blend to life’s ups and downs!

Jupiter Damaging own House???!! Sthan – Haani with Guru

It is said that Jupiter causes ‘Sthan-Haani’ when sitting in a house. This means that it damages the significations of the house that it is sitting into some extent, but gives good results for the areas that it is aspecting. For example, sitting in Lagna, it may give the native immense good luck as it throws aspects on the 5th, 7th and 9th houses, however being in Lagna, it may damage the individual’s personal confidence in themselves, thereby not letting them reach the level to which they would otherwise be.

Jupiter rules differently in  Pisces & Sagittarius

The houses that Jupiter rules are Sagittarius and Pisces. An interesting thing to note here is that both zodiac signs have very different personalities and natural instincts and traits, despite them being both ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the adventurous, go-getter, very independent and hates the idea of being restricted or tied down to anyone. Yet Pisces being the softer personality, romantic, fantasising and idealistic nature, emotional and ‘really needing’ another. Yet both are ruled by Jupiter. In both cases, Jupiter shows the true and pure path – in Pisces people, they have a strong sense of ethics and a need to be moral, and Sagittarius people are philosophers who fight for independence to be on a path for the greater good.

Overall Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet which showers its grace and good fortunes on an individual when placed favourably in a horoscope. It is the karaka for the 5th, 9th houses and also represents the guru (teacher), husband and children in a chart. The mantra for Jupiter is :

‘Om Gram Greem Groum Sah Gurave Namah’