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Love Relationship Tarot Reading – Discover Your Love

Love Relationship Tarot Reading – Discover Your Love

Love Relationship Tarot Reading

When Will I Find Love?  Tarot Spread Really Speaks

Love Relationship & Tarot Reading: For several years Tarot cards have been used to answer questions relating to love and relationships. Tarot is one of the spiritual tools that can pick up the current state of mind of the person being asked about, and of the querent themselves. We are also able to pick up circumstances leading to the difficult situation and the factors that are contributing to an aggravation. Whether there is third party involvement, loss of interest, permanent breakup, a temporary separation, or an expected patch up; all of these are revealed in love readings. Often I am also asked to check if a new exciting flirtation could lead to anything meaningful, or if somebody sounding very interested could have any actual romantic designs in his/ her mind for the querent.

Tarot readings provide reassurance and faith in the works of the universe. A positive favourable finding can fill a despondent partner with new hope to cope better during the phase of separation. Tarot picks up on energies and mindsets impacting a relation and whether or not it would be a fulfilling one in the long run. If there are facts that one partner is trying to hide, or if one party is acting unethical, these are communicated loud and clear by our reliable Tarot.

It is difficult to give an estimate of time  via tarot, but certain indicators can guide us whether or not the predictions can be expected in the near/immediate future, or the within the year. Most of my tarot findings so far, have given me the confidence to say that outcomes seen, and predictions made in my readings usually come to pass within a year.

Love Readings With The Tarot

The main cards in our Raider Waite deck which indicate reunion, reconciliation, and fresh beginnings are the Two of cups, Ace of cups, Temperance. Some of the other cards that indicate happy endings and emotional fulfilment ahead are the Ten of Cups, Four of Wands, Three of Cups, Nine of Cups, and the Sun card. Cards indicating messages coming from loved ones are the Page of cups, Page of wands, Eight of Wands. Often, the Knight of Cups shows up to tell us that the charming lover will be arriving in person soon with an invite, or that a potentially hot date is on the horizon. Having said that, although we have these above mentioned cards to guide us, it is actually the message obtained after analysing the neighbouring cards and the spread as a whole that bears a meaningful weightage One cannot assume on seeing the much desired Two of Cups appear in the environment position, that the couple would be reuniting and the proceeding to marriage. Careful consideration of the card energies depicted in outcome position, the hopes and fears position and the immediate future, in respect to the question asked, is necessary for a Tarot reader to be able to provide appropriate guidance.

How To Understand and Apply Spiritual Advice

Often, a partner may wish to know if they would be reconciling with their loved one, the long period of wait up to the point of contact can be agonising and at times this can make one feel hopeless. Feeling secure in the knowledge that spirits are working to bring about reconciliation provides relief. Often, cards indicating heartache are misunderstood in the way that the querent is feeling heartbroken. One needs to look at the cards preceding the Three of Swords very carefully, in order to establish if it is just a matter of deeply missing one another due to distance/ separation or is it heartache further to a breakup.

I was contacted by a middle aged gentleman about 3 years back in London for a relationship reading. He explained to me that his relation with wife was very turbulent, and that there was no of communication for weeks between them. Tarot revealed that there would be reunion soon. However, I advised the gentleman to step forward and offer to resolve his partner’s concerns and support her as that would give more strength to their relation than allowing his wife to feel more let down until she herself has no option left other than to come forward. He was very critical of her during the conversation with me; this mindset I knew was not going to help. I advised him that spirits convey a reunion would occur, however he must be careful to NOT allow another meltdown, as that can escalate. My cards had shown that the lady was at the end of her tether, and if anything could save the relation, it was warm communication, plenty of love and reassurance towards her. The gentleman was much delighted to hear that all will be well in his marriage in a few days anyways, and continued to have a cold attitude towards her. He became overconfident, that a reunion would happen, as he believed that his tarot reader reads the book of fate very accurately and tells him what is next in his life. He perceived information from his tarot no different than a TV programme list!!

Clearly, this gentleman’s understanding of how to benefit from a psychic tarot reading was rather blurred, and his preference to operate in a heavy handed, egoistic manner towards his wife in a crisis situation further dampened his prospects. His wish was that his relation gets saved, but when it came to doing what it takes; his arrogance came in the way.

He preferred to use the finding of reunion obtained via tarot reading to groom his ego and did not pay heed to her emotional needs. They did patch up in a few days when she spoke to him, but within a month a small argument led to a major row with hurtful sayings, which was aggravated due to involvement of his mother. The wife walked out of the house in a state. He was devastated at his loss, but did not acknowledge that saving his relation was in his own hands, and that tarot and spirits can only guide. He did not contact her to apologise and support her, or to assure her that it won’t happen again. He remained silent, his ego was far more important to him. He again contacted me for a reading, and I advised him that there was effort needed, and there was some potential still. He refused to make any effort, citing it was her mistake to walk out of the house, calling it quits. After a few months, legal proceeding had to be initiated by the wife who waited 6 months for him to step forward and show her that he loved her as well. The marriage collapsed, even though both parties did not actually hate each other, they only had a nasty argument. They had been married for 13 years.

His first reading clearly showed the Tower Card in his environment, with a Star as the outcome. The Star card  tells us that there is reason to have hope, all is not lost. There is a chance that it can happen, but the right effort has to be made. The second time he received the Tower card in his Hopes and Fear position. He had the Death card in his immediate future, and the Three of Swords in the outcome.

When will I meet my true love – Tarot

It is important to note here that, Tarot is a tool that helps you know what the possibilities are and what lies ahead. The universe shows us potential opportunities, it gives us many chances, but when we allow our ego to take over and begin to think that whatever happens is meant to happen, and that we are doing nothing to cause it… that’s when the hoped for possibilities cease to occur. It is self destructive to think that a spiritual tool predicted a particular outcome, and that outcome will happen regardless of the opposite nature or poor degree of your efforts. Any outcome that the universe wishes to grant someone is on the basis of their effort. Hence if effort is put in the right direction, the outcome will be achieved. If one sits back confident that the Tarot reader has predicted a favourable outcome, and he/ she does not do what it takes to make the situation turn favourable, then No, Tarot never promised it will still happen. It’s only the potential, significant possibility, and the opportunity which is indicated. Making it happen is the up to the free will of the individual. In the above example, the gentleman lost the opportunity to reconcile with his wife by conducting himself in a manner that was antagonistic to what was required. Tarot guided him in the first instance, by indicating that the lady’s patience had run out already. Tarot is a spiritual tool that helps to guide you, it does not read out set predictions.

Another example; I was recently contacted by a lady in her mid thirties in London, asking me if a particular person whom she fancied would think in the same way about her. She stated she had not contacted them, after the first time she expressed interest as she wished that they should chased her instead. Her Tarot reading showed that the man would be interested and needed encouragement .She confessed that she had gone a step further and paid to have a love spell cast on the person. While she waited for that to take effect she enjoyed company of other men who she was dating at the same time. She believed the spell would work, and one day he would come looking for her. That never happened, and she contacted me again to ask – “did you not say that the reading had a favourable outcome and that the man would also be interested”!!

I explained to the lady that for any outcome to take place, there has to be an effort in the direction. Had she contacted him and expressed her interest in spending time with him, encouraged him with good conversations that would have made it all happen for her. Tarot had showed good potential, if the opportunity was explored with an effort.

If she wished for it to happen deeply, she needed to manifest her positive thoughts into the universe asking its help to make it happen for her. She neither made the active effort, nor did she put forward her strong energies desiring him in her environment. She was too busy making sure that her evenings are full of excitement. Hence, there was no success.

Advice About Your Love Reading From Tarot

Spiritual energy assists in achieving the desired outcome, it does not totally make it happen for you. One needs to make an effort in the direction themselves, playing egoistic, lack of proactive approach, and over confidence that the successful outcome will happen because Tarot indicated so , is a total misunderstanding of how the spiritual energies operate. In the above case, the lady conducted herself in an antagonistic manner which didn’t help.

Hope the above helps you understand what you can expect from a Tarot reading, and how spiritual guidance differs from other forms of counselling. Your psychic reader will link in with your energy to see your situation and guide you on how you can achieve your favourable outcome. They equip you with clearer understanding of what it will take to turn things around for the better by studying the vibrations of both parties. Making you aware of how the other person is feeling, can give you hints on what needs to be done for greater fulfilment of your partner. Spiritual advise received is never incorrect, what can however minimise its advantage is incorrect/ vague interpretation by a reader and the querent’s lack of understanding of how to apply it in their situation.