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Sun In Astrology – Love, Career, Health With Remedy

Sun In Astrology – Love, Career, Health With Remedy

Sun In Astrology – Love, Career, Health With Remedy

Sun In Astrology is the King of the Planets – It gives us light, the food for this earth that we live on. Without it we cannot survive- it is the life giver. Some of the things Sun represents are:

Soul Courage Father East
Vitality Ego Government Heart
Energy Power Sunday Head
Confidence Status Pitta, Hot things Bones
Ambition Royalty Temple, forest,        Mountain Gold


Sun is Sattvic in nature, pure but is known as a malefic graha- reason this is because it is noble, and gives energy and life but it also has a hard side when badly placed or uncomfortable, it’s hot and fiery and being the King of planets, not easily controlled, so can also cause damage where it sits and aspects in a chart.



Being the leader…

Personality has a lot to do with the 1st house, so if Sun is posited here without any negative aspects, it is seen the person has a noble, loyal and confident personality, with a generally positive attitude. Sun is a very royal planet and being the King, it expects a treatment no less. In my experience I have seen individuals with a strong prominent Sun to be looked up to by others, they are seen as a leader, and automatically have a following wherever they go, be that at work or home. They have courage and conviction in the way they talk and portray themselves, and their self-image is one that others look up to. They like to shine. They have a warm personality, pleasing and a type of magnetism about them that make them attractive instantly to everyone on their first meeting.

Negative Sun personality

If however, the same Sun is not so positively placed it can cause the naturally malefic tendencies to manifest, and the person can have a cruel nature, causing them to be self-centred, arrogant and dominating. Also if then they are not treated with respect ‘equal to royalty’ then they can become very sharp in their words and not care much for the feelings of others. Their image is very important to them, but sometimes they can become blind in their quest for power.

A debilitated Sun in personality matters can cause a total lack of confidence and conviction, not being taken seriously which results in the person becoming unsure of themselves and internally unsatisfied throughout life. They may well achieve success in their various undertakings, but will be unsatisfied or uncontested generally wishing they had done better.


SUN and YOUR Love Relationships


Placement Of Sun In Horoscope

Romance with the Sun in 5th

When Sun is in your partner’s  5th house of romance, it shows that they love to have fun and be creative, they thrive on going out and about and having a sense of adventure. Individuals with this placement want their love life to be on the move and want to do things with their partner, they don’t want to sit indoors passing time. As Sun also represents forests, mountains etc, the outdoors is the best place to get to know your partner and be a part of making them, and yourself, ‘feel alive’, it gives them the energy to let themselves go and you will then truly know them for who they are.

Sun Signs do matter…

Sun signs of each partner tell a lot about how they will get on with each other in a general sense of how they act with each other. Do they have the same likes/dislikes, hobbies and passions- for example, a Cancer sun sign will crave the understanding from a Pisces or Scorpio sun sign, as they are all water elements?

Sun in 7th house – your partner and you…

The other relationship house is the 7th house – also the house of marriage. Here Sun shows that the partner will have the personality, more so, of the ‘Sun’ rather than the individual whose chart it is. The wife or husband will have qualities which are royal, majestic, likes to be the centre of attention and so on. Can also mean that as a partnership you both like to ‘show off’ in public on how good you are together……lots of facebook pictures being put up!

Sun damaging the love relationship?…

Negatively placed I have seen this in practice to show that 7th house Sun means the person gets a spouse which is a ‘bad king’ – egocentric,  dominating, overly confident and fiery in nature. It can also show that the person with Sun in 7th will be dominated or controlled by their spouse – a possibility but can learn how to change your own behaviour so this is lessened.

The above is an example of how the static Sun becomes damaging to some extent. However, this is not the case with all Sun’s in 7th house – the lord of the nakshatra that it’s sitting in also needs to be seen, to see how well it is supporting the Sun.

Something I am currently still researching is the impact of Sun in 12th house on relationships. I think that in some instances it can cause some damage to significations to sex life in the sense that it is then hidden. The Sun does not like to be ‘hidden’,  it is a planet that shines bright, so being on the 12th  it is then uncomfortable, and can bring about certain separations or the inability to perform properly especially if aspected by other malefic. However this is a wide topic and needs a lot of due study before a conclusion can be made, maybe one for a future article.

SUN In Astrology and Your Career 

Good Position Of Sun In Horoscope

Sun the natural leader in 10th house…

Sun is the karaka for status, managers, government and also power. Therefore the Sun having anything to do with a person’s 10th house in a chart is sure to give leadership qualities and high ambition to succeed in their field.

In my experience, Sun in 10th house of a chart, more than likely, raises a person to managerial level in the line they are in. This is true also in gochar transit, that if a promotion is due, then Sun passing through 10th or aspects 10th very often blesses with success and a ‘rise in status’. In the natal chart, it’s almost a given that this sun will make the person a leader, naturally – even if there is a malefic association. Of course, it can bring about with it some tensions to get to that stage, but it will happen at some part  of the person’s life, which will be seen by looking at their running dasha’s or favourable transits.

Regarding the career, if a person is a manager, then they are likely to be fair, but at the same time demanding, and if the person is a subordinate, then they are likely to easily be recognised by their seniors and receive praise and favours accordingly- all with a 10th Sun that is.

Sun is Dig Bal in 10th….

Another thing to note is that Sun in 10th is going to do well naturally as it gets directional strength in the 10th – Dig Bal.

As a rough guide, people with Sun in 10th do well in careers related to government/politics, medicine, gold, textiles and administration. Although overall analysis of D1 and D10 chart is needed as well as considerations of other houses.



Sun represents your Vitality. A strong Sun shows the ability for one to heal quickly.

In medicinal astrology, Sun represents head, heart, bones, joints, spine, stomach, and right eye.

Afflicted Sun and bad health

A weak or afflicted Sun will cause various ailments. A person with Sun in 10th that is afflicted often suffers from migraines as 10th also rules the head. It can be seen that in the period of afflicted sun one can suffer various problems including fractures to bones, rheumatism problem with joints, and back pain. It also depends on with what another planet it is associated with at the time to predict the type of problem that will arise.

Hidden Sun…Can’t see!

A 6th or 12th house Sun can give the early onset of spectacles, with weak eyesight. 5th house afflicted Sun can give stomach ulcers. In Children, rickets is a common occurrence I have seen. Going back to the 1st house, people with Sun here normally either gain grey hair earlier than their age, or they have very fine hair, that’s prone to falling.

Sun Karaka for Father and his health…

I have seen that the association of Rahu causes the ‘sudden’ affliction to the native or their relatives. One of my clients recently had transit Rahu passing over natal Sun in 1st house, which gave sudden heart problem to the person’s father. Sun is also karaka for father, and heart. So you can see how the association of other planets can have an impact.

Overall, a positive and well placed Sun will enhance the individual’s health and energy and help them fight any disease successfully.

Remedies For Weak Sun In Astrology

Make your SUN Stronger!!

Quick Remedies:


-Reciting following will be beneficial:

  • Beej mantra: Om Hram Hreem Hrom Sah Suryaye Namah


  • Surya Gayatri Mantra:

Om Adityaaya Vidmahe Divaakaraaya dheemahi, tannah Suryah prachodayaat


  • Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra

-Offer Water to Sun in Copper Vessel on Sunday Mornings

-Donate items of Sun on Sunday such as Wheat, Jaggery, and brown sugar


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