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Tag: Three Of Cups In Career Reading

Three Of Cups In Love, Career, Pregnancy Reading

Three Of Cups In Love, Career, Pregnancy Reading

Three Of Cups In Love, Career, Pregnancy Reading

Three of Cups is a truly joyous card, which fills us with a feeling of celebration and harmony. The undirected love of the Ace of Cups that deepened in the Two of Cups has now blossomed into a full-on reason for celebrations, where all involved reach out to one another to share the precious emotional goal that has been secured. The love for one another is being celebrated, mutual harmony is promised and moments are treasured. Women seen in the Three of cups image are dancing carefree,  the atmosphere is vibrant, spirits loud and uplifted, fancy colourful robes set the mood, while the exhilarating fresh energy  flows from two cups to the third, making it overflow endlessly… Happiness is in the air!

Three of Cups In love Reading


Three Of Cups In Relationship Reading

Being a strongly positive card depicting happy times, the Three of cups is a welcome sight in a relationship spread. It talks about people celebrating, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of a child, engagement or any other reason that can make one dance and rejoice. Often this comes to show us that a get-together is about to take place. It means something positive is coming your way. It indicates abundance, a season of success, emotional bliss, good news, social reaching out and community involvement. A new lifecycle is about to begin, a happy conclusion to all efforts is about to be confirmed. A very reassuring energy is present.

The Three of cups speaks about positive emotions and promises fulfilled. It gives assurance that all is going to be well if someone has had a troubled relationship. Also, if there have been misunderstandings, then this is the time to step forward confidently to clear the air. It reminds us that there is a focus on acceptance of oneself and of others.

Three Of Cups In A Reading Relating To Pregnancy

suggests the arrival of a new family member, the welcome addition to the family. It can also foretell a pregnancy, often it shows before the news of pregnancy has arrived.

Three Of Cups In Career Reading

suggests that there will be happy news, there can be a promotion, recognition, an achievement,  hard work will be rewarded, or simply that the much-awaited news of an interview outcome would be delightfully favourable. Offers of partnerships with like-minded individuals with a common interest will present themselves to you. You will significantly benefit if you work on them seriously. You will have an opportunity to expand your work, particularly in creative fields.

Three Of Cups In A Spiritual Context

Here it signifies mysticism and intuitive abilities. There is an interest in the unknown, there is an influence of a deep sense of spirituality, a path is identified, known and decided upon, then followed with great passion. It says that the time has come for metaphysical development to take place. The urge to help others will become one of your main considerations, and you will find it rewarding to play a significant role in your community.

Three Of Cups Yes Or No

In a reading where Yes or No answers are being sought, the Three of Cups conveys a very happy “Yes”…!