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Tag: Two of Cups in a love reading

Two Of Cups In Love & Career Tarot Reading

Two Of Cups In Love & Career Tarot Reading

Two Of Cups In Love & Career Reading

Two Of Cups In Love & Career Reading: The warm energy of two of cups takes birth when there is a union of two loving energies. The mesmerizing heart warming card shows two golden cups placed before two persons, with an alluring sparkle between their bright faces that bathe in divine light. The overall feel of the first look at this card is one of reassurance that mutual love, reunion, and peace is here! The healing energy of the two of cups is a blessing when seen in a relationship reading. Most often this card is received in a love and relationship spread. It confirms the emotional connection between two persons, acknowledging that a bond is developing.

Two Of Cups In Love And Relationships:

The showing of Two of Cups in a love reading clearly gives the message that true love and attraction are mutual and soon it will be acknowledged openly by at least one of the parties. Two of cups usually means that a bond that has already developed has the potential to grow into something more substantial, depending on the free will of the individuals involved. It confirms a positive response if someone wishes to know whether their love proposal would be accepted. A heartwarming reunion, reconciliation between two persons who may have fallen apart whilst in a relationship is most certainly on the cards. The healing energy draws in love, and affection. There remains no doubt about the cementing of a partnership, or healing of a severed relationship. It also indicates the beginning of a lifelong friendship or a mutually fulfilling situation in which two human energies enrich, reward and transform each other. This need not always be a romantic partnership, but certainly, one in which the two persons unlock and boost each other’s potential, achieving more together than each would have done on their own.

Often, questions like – “is it all over between us”, “he’s walked out on the relation, what’s going to happen now”, “I’m thinking of proposing, would she say yes”, “we’ve been dating, not sure what she really thinks “, “ we had a major row, and we both walked out, will we ever be together again” Or “She looks nice, and seems to be noticing me , but I’m not sure if I should ask her out”, “ I had a major fall out with my best friend, do you think we will ever patch up”;  such questions are answered by the arrival of two of cups, if there is mutual love that is going to be revived, new  emotional bonds that are about to be acknowledged or if there is unfinished business in matters of the heart.

The Two of Cups is generally a very positive card to be seen in a love or relationship reading. Depending on surrounding cards, it can even give messages about marriage, progression of a partnership, a strong possibility of a proposal coming. If it appears by itself, and the question is about the future of a troubled relationship, the querent can be advised that a reunion is about to take place soon, depending on the location of the card.

Two Of Cups In A Career Reading

Two of cups is not seen often in a work/ career reading or in questions around finance unless of course there is the element of workplace romance kicking off.  Meanings of the Two of Cups that have relevance to work questions are moderation, working together, joining, and establishing a strong partnership.