The Magician In Tarot Card Reading – Your Reading Guide

The Magician In Tarot Card Reading – Your Reading Guide By Veni Mehta

The Magician In Tarot Reading – Analysis: The Magician is card numbered 1 in the Major Arcana. Undoubtedly, The Magician has association with the higher powers in the universe. He translates these to creative energy. He is the achiever, the one who has the ultimate control. He is above all, he is Divine. In his hand is universal energy that gives him dominating control over all the four suits (Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles).  He is seen in the card as having the cups, wands, swords and the pentacles laying before of him; at his disposal. He appears confident that the possibilities he can create with these are infinite. He is fearless, and great, he is supreme; He rules every suit and commands with confidence. He has ability to make the impossible happen with his strong will. His focus and concentration, are powerful, he can clear the ways and create miracles. He is after all… the MAGICAN!

The Magician card signifies that making happen what we believe is possible, that determination and will can produce magical results. One needs to put in conscious effort into their desire and work tirelessly; the universal energies will support them if their intentions are clear. When your goal is energised with your determination and optimism, it gains momentum. It gets infused with creative energy that the Magician lends, which when unleashed… can even move mountains.

The arrival of Magician card in your reading is a message that everything is at your disposal right at this time. The power to create anything you want in reality is in your hands. The blessing of universal energies is abundant, what you visualise through concentration can become your new reality. You have everything it takes to be successful in the matter you are asking about, you have the capacity to initiate and complete projects with constant motivation and drive. The spark exists within you and the fire has potential to spread and manifest itself in your physical world, to your pleasant delight. You will be very pleased to realise that you are the creator of your own universe. The outcome is a sure shot victory; you come out as the winner.

Magician as a Person in Tarot Reading

Usually when the Magician arrives in a reading to represent a person, it is a man. Sometimes it can represent a woman, but it would be a woman who has some masculine qualities, like she may be very strong, very powerful and naturally blessed by some powers. It could often be a person who is connected to the occult world; for example a psychic, a shaman, a numerologist, astrologer or a tarot card expert. The above work comes very easily for them, as they have carried over subconscious knowledge from many past lives.

This person has the enthusiasm to start new projects and tireless work on them until the success that they dreamt of, is achieved. They can be the catalyst force that helps you develop your spirituality, they possess the magic to start new projects and connect you to the divine. They are powerful, charming, magnetic and dynamic.

The Magician in a reading would describe an astute individual; they would have the ability to look into depths of other’s minds. They are often the ones who have a higher position in their community and people seek their advice. They have the divine ability to improve other’s lives by guiding them in the right direction. They are in complete control of everything around them. They can create what they desire. This can make them somewhat egoistic, brash and bold with their words resulting in alienating people. Also, because of their high intellect they tend to analyse matters fairly quickly and cut right to the point, often a bit abruptly.

Throughout their life, they are on a quest to help humanity through deep spiritual calling. They often come across very wise and mature for their age. Even as a child the Magician would have been very mature and a deep thinker type.

Nature tremendously attracts them, and they often love to live in the beautiful countryside hills or near the sea. They draw inspiration from beautiful Mother Nature. They prefer to spend time in solitude and enjoy meditation. “Concentration” is important to the ‘Magician’ type of person, because by doing this they are able to cultivate and create their goals. They are natural healers, energy workers or light workers. They are witty; they have a love for learning and acquiring knowledge in various realms. They are very chatty and can endlessly talk on various topics. They may also have a flare for theatrics; and at times Magician’s are blessed with a beautiful singing voice. They are highly articulate; the Magician kind of guy makes a good confident orator.

The Magician is often a charming man, so if you are thinking of dating this man, it is important that you have a good insight into what personality traits you are likely going to encounter. These are people with a higher spiritual calling; throughout their lives they are on a quest to fulfil this. So, they require a person whom they can learn and grow with. They must feel incredibly inspired by their partner’s intellect, wisdom and spiritual maturity for them to want to be with that person. External beauty may attract them, but does not keep them. Because they are an enlightened soul, they will only feel at home with a wise person whose energy vibrates at a similar wavelength and frequency. A female match for such a person would be no less than the embodiment of a High Priestess or the Empress, only such a lady would have the higher vibration of spiritual energy, and raised consciousness to match the Magician’s intensity of energy. Also, only she may bear the strong intellectual capacity to further the growth of a Magician’s soul.

The Magician Yes or No Reading

The Magician is the universe’s most definite assurance that your answer is Yes… you may now rejoice in confidence!

Written by Veni Mehta

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