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Often, we hear people say that they are unhappy or sad with the way their life turned out to be. They reach out to psychics in a distressed state to know what would happen and if things would get better ahead.We have all been at that point some time in our lives.
In my article today, I want to draw your attention to some cosmic facts. It is imperative to acknowledge that there exists a bigger truth to what you experience and why you experience it. Nothing, nothing and nothing in your world has happened that you did not set in motion in your imagination. You ARE actually carving out the reality of your life with your own energy; while you prefer to hold on to the belief that you arrived on planet earth with a preset non changeable destiny map.
The sadness or disappointment or happiness that you are experiencing in your life is not because of your past life, or bad luck in this life. It is what you created for yourself, a very short while ago.

The significant events in a person’s life are like a sketch on a canvas. These can be any bold markers like potential for marriage, potential for high level recognition, potential for bearing children, earning money, parental influence and support in life, including all the major life defining oppurtunities that a person may come across etc  This is all, that is actually based upon our past life and these highlights of our life are identified by learned astrologers when we consult them anxiety struck with our personal details.

So, now that we have talked about the sketch on the canvas, we have yet to establish who draws the real pictures and fills in the colours on that canvas.Who gives definition to the faint lines, who contributes to the add-ons, who makes it all beautiful or ugly to look at.  The canvas, shape of the sketch and a pack full of options are given to each of us by our Creator. The options in each person’s pack are the same.

If the Canvas is your life, then You are the artist of your life; it is the implementation of your free will and your actions that give your life the look you see.

Clearly, What we do with this sketch and how we use the set of options on the canvas is what ultimately defines how the canvas (our life) turns out to be. Therefore being wise will be crucial if we want to get things right !

There are colours, there are markers, there are shades, and there are some drawings to give ideas etc in the pack. God did not stop anyone from improving their life, God gave us all free will, and a mind. God gave us the ability to pick and chose from the options pack what we would like to do or have in our life times. What turns out to be your life situation, is a result of how wisely you used the options that were given to you, whether you chose to refine the sketch and make a more transformed picture of it by adding more features, well defined boundaries, creativity splashed all over OR whether you lacked initiative to work at it all.

If you were lazy enough to not bother adding colours and making a beautiful picture of that light sketch, then the outcome would be not significantly different from the low key, dry vague sketch that we started with. Also, if you decided to use colours and designs that later became non appealing to you or you added a feature that you later found rather boring, then it is yourself who will have to make the change for the better. What you sow is what you reap. This is known to all very commonly. So if the picture on canvas turns out to be not as pretty as you would have liked it to be, then it is for YOU to take responsibility that; perhaps you did not make some wise decisions when selecting the design, colour and picture ! No point complaining that God made it dull for you, or that it is a result of past life.

If you find yourself in a situation that you are not enjoying, or makes you feel discontent more often than not, then first of all you got have got to identify what needs to be addressed. The pack of options is always accessible through out your life time, and so is your free will, which is YOUR POWER to change the look of your life. It is you wisdom that can guide you to using all that you have in your hand.

You are in the driver’s seat of a car (your life). The absolute control, that YOU have on the steering wheel is stronger than anyone else can ever have on THAT car AT THAT POINT  IN TIME.  You are in control when it comes to steering yourself to the path of your happiness. Your FREE WILL is very powerful.

Never accept that a situation has happened to you because nothing better than that could have been, and that it is because of your past life. Don’t forget, You always have the colours at hand, all you got to do is make a decision to change your life according to what you want it to be like. It takes courage, will power and a strong desire to change anything. Nothing constructive happens while you are sitting back mopping, accepting defeat and trying to cope when you yourself clearly know it’s not happening ! The only change in such a situation that can happen without your interventional energy is deterioration. So, either be in your situation because you are happy with it, and if you are not than step up and change it altogether to your liking. You have only yourself to answer at the end of day. Remember, you only live once and you should not be complaining that you were not given a good life by God, if you did not do the best for yourself by using the options that were given to you just like anyone else.

Your life experiences are A MANIFESTATION of what is inside you. For ex : If out of the 1000 types of stimulus in a day, you are most receptive and sensitive to experiencing sadness  all the time, then you begin to attract sadness. This then becomes a vicious cycle and a diagnosis of depression is not far. Damn! Break the pattern NOW ….

If you feel insecure most of the time, then you are unlikely to make anyone else feel secure, because your own needs aren’t met. So, a very likely result is that you could be left feeling that the world hasn’t got many trustworthy people! If a person aims to make a relation for personal financial gain, then they will succeed in doing that, but they will also get disappointment further ahead, when they experience lack of love or inability to love that person. They will get a similar self-centred loveless approach from the partner, because love was never THE important factor being sought by the two of them in the first place. A convenient financially beneficial relation was sought, and that was granted by the universe. The universe grants what you ask for, so be careful what you ask..

Truth is that the universe only catered to that person’s “WANT” which was gain, they were not in touch with their “NEED” which is love, so they did not get it. The pathway, process, approach and fundamental reasons for acquiring love were neither realised nor applied. The focus was on financial gain and convenience.

Hence when reality strikes, the person would then say “Im sad”, But truth is that, the person them self created this as a manifestation of their own WANTS. The universe grants your desires. It is up to you to think wisely, analyse and then ask what is appropriate and most important in your life. This is where it becomes very important for us to know how to differentiate between WANTS and NEEDS.
If a person is not sweet, selfless and forgiving in nature, then they will not attract that kind of approach from others around them, most of the time. This will make them unhappy, unable to find a comfort zone for these emotions. Hence a constant battle would inevitably take place within them trying to suppress emotional needs, that would make them more and more insensitive to others on the outside in the process of self desensitization inside. Hence, you see, the world outside is nothing but an extended chapter from the WORLD THAT IS INSIDE YOU.


            YES…. THERE IS A REMEDY !    

Improve the world inside you, fill yourself with abundant love, forgiveness, care and compassion for others, remove ego and pride, remove selfish wants, value other’s compassion and care towards yourself, Be grateful to the people who helped you in your journey of life, and………. You will see how feelings that you truly desire begin to flow towards you in your outside world….
Remember to attend to your soul’s “Needs”, don’t chase after the Mind’s “Wants”
When you communicate with yourself, you will be more in touch with what you truly desire. The wants of the mind will then not preoccupy your priority list. So spend a little time to yourself daily in meditation. Ensure that you are talking to your inner self and not just playing by what your mind is wanting.

Silence the Mind… Let the soul speak out …             

You will arrive at your point of happiness far more easily…

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