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Vedic astrologer, specialising in detailed horoscope analysis,love & marriage compatibility matching, career, finances, annual and longterm predictions, using traditional remedies
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I am a Professional Vedic Astrologer, practising the ancient art of Vedic Astrology. Using your date of birth, place of birth (and time of birth if available), I can delve into your personal horoscope/birthchart, and help you understand yourself and the issues that surround you. Your astrological birthchart is specific to you and is different to the generalised forecasts. I will concentrate on your specific, unique planetary influences and tell you how to make the most out of situations that come your way. I specialise in a variety of areas including Love & Relationships, Career guidance, Home & Family life, Compatibility Analysis & Matching horoscopes. I can tell you how compatible you and your partner are, his/her attraction factors, weaknesses, what switches them on and off. If you are in a current relationship, I can tell you if there are any tricky periods ahead and what you can do to work better with each other. If single - want to know if the window of Love is about to open in your life? I can give you timings to watch out for to make the most of opportunities that come your way- be it at home or work. As well as giving you an analysis of points in your past, I will give you a forecast of the coming few years and a personalised prediction for the coming year which is unique to your birthchart along with any remedial measures that I feel will benefit you. One of my key principles is to use Astrology to empower people not to scare people. Astrology is used to forewarn, and we have control over our actions and the way we act on the situations that come our way. By giving you a clear picture of your strengths and areas to work on, I try to guide you to positively dealing with challenging times, situations. Astrology for me is a passion that i use to help people.

<h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #000000;">Psychic History</span></h3>
I had always been interested in Astrology from a very young age even before the age of 10, if I look back. It’s an interest that has had deep roots from within, always wanting to know more and more. I was brought up in a family whereby seeing, astrologers, pundits on occasional rounds from various places gave a sense of excitement, and respect for the field to know more about the future and unknown. I found myself reading stars and horoscopes wherever I could find them, newspapers, books, magazines, which then led me to being well versed in the meanings of signs and personalities of the zodiac.
When I was 11 I was given a book by my father and it was a big heavy old book that was full of the occult – it had zodiac sign knowledge, different oracles, yes no question boxes, superstitions and their meanings, omens and their significances, meanings of dreams, meanings of different moles on the body and so on….I loved it. And my interest and passion to learn more just grew and grew.
It wasn’t until I was 17 that I had a personal Vedic astrology reading for myself, and I was intrigued to get into Vedic astrology to learn the way that predictions had been made for me. Before I knew it I was absorbed into studying this more and more.
At university I gained a First Class Honours in BA (hons) Business Information Mgt & Finance, and proceeded on to study a professional qualification as a Chartered Management Accountant. But alongside my academic education, I also enrolled and took up a formal study course with Bava (British association of Vedic Astrology), where I grasped a firm foundation for everything that I had been learning myself over the years.
The path of astrology seemed to unfold in front of me, leading me to meet my husband who is a well known astrologer, and hence I married into a family of astrologers. Some things are meant to happen…and Astrology for me is one of them.

<h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #000000;">True Story</span></h3>
1) I was asked earlier this year by one of my clients about whether they would receive a promotion in their job, and looking at their chart I could see that Jupiter was about to enter into their 1st house, which I thought would bring in good news, however on closer inspection on the detailed charts and yearly varshphal I could see that there would be a negative element happening to their career and some sort of break. I predicted that there would be a break in employment and no promotion but there would be reason for celebrating. I was told few months later that she was infact pregnant and would be leaving job at the end of the year through choice.
2) I was asked by a client to do a compatibility match on someone they were considering for marriage. After looking at a number of factors I had to conclude that the matching was not going to be successful as the natures of the two people were very different and in the long term they would struggle. The client came back and told me a few months later that despite him trying very hard to make the relationship work, it was not heading in the right direction and they had to mutually break up. He has since met someone new who has a good matching with him and is proceeding forward for marriage.

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