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What Is Tarot Card Reading & Clairvoyance All About

What Is Tarot Card Reading & Clairvoyance All About

 What Is Tarot Card Reading & Clairvoyance All About

What Is Tarot Card Reading & Clairvoyance: Welcome To My World of Tarot  – “Tarot Talks”….. and YES It Does ! The spiritual journey of a soul begins from and ends in the universe. The human form has been given to us for a short period of time, and there is a complete world of existence beyond this. Human mind comprehends what it sees and believes, and so when a soul departs from a body it is thought that ‘life’ ends. However, the truth is that Life continues, only the form of our existence changes, for life, is not time as a body only, life also includes the existence, development, nurturing and growing period of your soul in the universe. We don’t refer to it in our day to day routines as “life” as the common man is usually oblivious to the existence of those entities which they cannot see; neither relate with nor need to deal with on a daily basis. This is understandable. The spiritual world exists exactly where we are, a soul continues to live even after they have left their body. Spirits are around us, they hear us, sense us, help us, guide us, and sometimes fear us and other times, though not often…. can even scare us!

Now that I have managed to have your attention for this long, I shall try to briefly introduce the concept of psychic tarot readings.

What Is Tarot Card Reading All About

What are Tarot Cards ?

Tarot cards are spiritual energies, each very special and unique in itself. These energies are very closely linked in with the spiritual reader’s energy, and hence when a deck is shuffled and a request is made by the reader to their guardian angels to bring forth the facts of the matter being asked about, the angels step forward and guide the readers hand to the respective cards which would convey the message. These cards are actually selected by the querent, in the process when the reader runs their hand over the cards spread out on a table. Hence the energies of the reader, the querent and the spiritual energies working to help with the concern, all act together to bring forth an answer for the querent. A deck of cards has to be closely absorbed within the reader’s aura, they blend in and happily become a part of the reader’s aura before they can be relied upon by them. A spiritual reader will need to feel confident about this before they are able to obtain responses in line with the question. Hence, changing of decks between readers is usually not seen, and frequent purchase of new decks is not preferred either.

How Do Tarot Cards Work

How does it all work ?

A straightforward question is put forward by you in the shortest and simplest way. Closed questions are preferred as this helps gain clarity, and interpretation is focussed, giving you an answer where there is no element of doubt to go away with. Your questions can be relating to any area of life – relationships, finance, work/ interviews, buying a property, winning or losing a court case, and other days to life concerning matters. Spirits do not reliably always communicate about time, there is no exact sense of timing in the spirit world. It depends on the spiritual reader’s skills to interpret whether or not the matter/ event can be expected in the near future or not. Their thorough understanding of the cards – nature, combination, locations,  their extra skills of clairvoyance and clairsentience both aid in understanding and advising whether or not the event is due in near future or lies much further ahead.

Can I expect to surely know about anything, everything, anytime?

It is the sharp and very refined skill of the spiritual reader that plays a major role in the delivery of the correct message to the querent. Interpreting the cards correctly and holding back from guess work on information that is not being revealed by the spiritual world; is crucial. There are times, although not very often, when a psychic is unable to pick up information which they otherwise do within minutes. This is due to many reasons like –  energy of the psychic being weak when they are going through an emotional trauma of some sort when they are physically unwell experiencing a lot of pain, or when they have not been practising with the expected high level of ethics.

Also, not all information that we wish to know about, is revealed to us. It is not in the hands of the psychic, as they only communicate to you what is given to them by the spiritual world. There are times when the universe wishes to withhold information or present it at a later time. Hence those matters are not revealed. Your psychic will inform you when this is the case. Operating ethically is important for the psychic, as this is a divine subject. You will not be told what you are deeply wishing to hear, but you will be given whatever has been received spiritually. Genuine psychic works to guide you in the right direction. They are natural empaths. Compassion and human love are abundant in the aura of a psychic advisor, which is why they are the easiest persons for all to discuss their problems with. They are understanding and feel your anxiety, they help you find a way forward while respecting your wishes. However, they would never say anything to simply please you for their own business interest. Hence, it is important to note, that if a spiritual reading has revealed an outcome that disappoints you, then it is wise to hear it patiently.

When a question is asked, it has got to be something that is ongoing in your life. A matter that has begun, is about to begin, an event that is due to happen or a change that is anticipated. The information picked by Tarot cards is related to what is around you. As this place via energy exchange, we depend upon energy to have manifested in the universe for it to be picked up by a psychic. A seed has to be planted, for one to predict if there will be any growth, how will the growth be, are there any complications foreseen. A question like would I marry a prince one day, would not be suitable unless you are actually in connection with a prince in some way. We can advise how a situation will shape up, how a business will flourish once the ground work for it has been done. Simply asking “I would like to do a business, will it work”, is not a suitable question, as you will only go away with a general answer. But if you asked, “there is this XYZ business I have put a lot of thought and action into, and just then had an opportunity for a job, please advise what would be more beneficial”, Then, in that case, your psychic can definitely advise you whether Plan A  or Plan B is better.

Each Tarot card has a meaning and a feel to it. There are many different types of spreads; the most common are the Celtic Cross and The Three Card Spread. Being a form of energy, the tarot card has a degree of intensity. The intensity and meaning both will vary according to the position and neighbouring cards. Various card combinations convey different messages, and again in the deck of 72 cards, the possibilities are almost endless. Hence, it can take a vast amount of experience and psychic ability to gather the message and give it to you in a matter of minutes.  Many readers are blessed with a strong intuitive sense that guides them when accepting messages. Clairvoyance and clairsentience bring about greater credibility to the findings and helps the reader confidently deliver answers obtained. Both of these powers develop in the course of the spiritual journey, as the sixth sense and intuitive power get more and more refined. Without a doubt, The divine blessings of Guardian angels and the Universe are gained in the process of helping other souls.

What Is Clairvoyance And How Does It Work

Clairvoyance is the ability of a spiritual readWhat is Clairvoyance?er to sense energies, their presence, and know about your life thanks to their 6th sense, which is very developed. This information is often obtained pictorially, or sometimes just as plain messages in the mind at the time your reading is being delivered. Hence, silence, calmness and a peaceful environment are essential for a good reading. It helps the clairvoyant tune in and steps into your energy circle. Readings done at fairs and market squares may give you some crude facts, however if you are looking for spiritual guidance and a better understanding of how to conduct yourself in the given situation, or guidance on the pros and cons associated with your situation, it is advisable to set aside a good half hour or one hour with your reader. Most readers usually in the first few minutes are able to establish whether or not they have connected with the querent, and vice versa, hence your reading does not really have to face the hit and miss challenge. Often a more efficient strategy is to verify 1-3 findings at the start of reading which tells both the reader the and querent the matter that has been picked up, and if the reader has connected well.

Can I get a deck of cards and do it myself ?

 It is essential for the spiritual reader to follow a code of ethics when operating with these energies. Laws of the universe, karma, laws of energies all need to be well understood and borne in mind when indulging in spiritual work. These laws or principals as we may call them, are not a set of rules that one can memorise and practice. These come from the reader’s deeper understanding of the dynamics of the universe. Most readers have a special interest in the subject for years before they actually begin to deliver readings. Anyone could get a deck of cards and pull out a few cards, and hey ho begins tarot reading …. ! But, is the incorrect interpretation of spiritual messages that can cause upset or mislead a person. Incorrect information can misguide people into making wrong decisions in their lives; it can cause unnecessary emotional turmoil or give false hope. All of this is inappropriate practice.

Years of dedicated practice, sacrifice, abstinence, meditation, deep underlying sense of empathy for all and a profound passion for studying the mechanism of the spiritual world, all contribute to the development of a spiritual psychic reader. The development is never ending. Indulging in spiritual work, without the guidance of a mentor, or without protection can even be unsafe.

Why is it unsafe for me to do it, while you do the same thing all day ?

When you open a deck of tarot cards, these are not just cards, these are spiritual energies. You allow them into your surrounding, you allow them to blend with your energies. You are opening the doors of the spiritual world. It is essential to be guarded as sometimes there are dark energies that can be malicious, and if they remain behind in your environment, you can experience disturbance. Protection is requested by certain prayers which are chanted prior to initiating a reading, and upon closure of the deck. Guardian angels that bring forth messages from the spirit world are closely tuned in with the spiritual reader and protect them. You may not have that advantage, hence it is advisable to be careful. Having said that, no greatest spiritual worker is fully immune to the energies, however, their protection and powers that have been secured over a period of time, and progressed, and sometimes been passed on in generations, keep them secure while they open spiritual doors. Hence, it is paramount to allow the professional do it for you, as they have secured protection from their guardian angels.

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